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Tuesday, "I think the good doctor is too good to be true!" Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 13-May-2014 6:27:50 PM PDT
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How do you run a deep background check on someone who has gone out of their way to keep their life a secret. Billy to Kevin(on the phone)

Go Billy, go. I'm glad he is asking Kevin for his help to find out the truth about the "good doctor". Hopefully, we will find out soon what his secret is. They have dragged out it, way too long, IMHO

Meanwhile, a devious Stitch committed a crime of breach of legality today by looking at Victoria's lab work, after lying to the nurse that he is working with Dr. Chiverton. Now, he knows that Victoria is pregnant. He is really turning into a creepy stalker. It turns out that Kelly could be right about him, after all.
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Johnny was cute playing with those Lego big blocks. He was more focus doing that, then listening to Billy. LOL. But Stitch was so out of line, walking into the house, uninvited. Billy had a good point that it tells him a lot that his ex-wife took his son to another continent. And then finally, he gets Johnny away from Stitch, after their lively debate about foundations. He tells him, "You’ll never able to replace your son with mine. No matter how hard you try" That shuts him up, then Stitch exits. What did you think of Billy/Stitch scenes??

Nikki had a good question, "what is wrong with the men in this town??" She is right that Victor is the only person responsible for problems in their marriage. I shook my head that Jack and Paul blamed themselves for their break-up instead. I did enjoy the Nikki/Jack chat about being separated from the ones they love. However, I wanted to smack Nikki for being mad at Paul for arresting her son. Such nonsense that he claiming he had a choice. No, he didn't. Dylan broke the law by breaking into Ian's(twice already) and threatening him. Paul was just doing his job by arresting him. Dylan was correct that he did get a great endorsement from Nikki stating getting to know him, is "one of her greatest joys" Oh, brother, LOL. But he showed to Nikki, his parent's photo from the notebook. It was nice how much he still loved his adoptive parents.

And we get a Baldwin/Fisher dinner today. It has been such a long time, since we had one. It was very entertaining. The only person missing was Fen. Nice to see Gloria/Jeffery together today. I got a kick that Jeffery won big at with the horse and seeing Gloria very thrilled about it. Sad to see Chloe looking so crazy, when she joined them. And it was obvious, how much she could care less where Kevin was. But he did make it. Poor Kevin, looking so ill as Gloria/Jeffery discussed their sex life. LOL. But it was very bad, as Chloe got way too interested in the aphrodisiac that they used to spice it up. Jeffery showed that he was all about money thanking Michael for helping settling Adam's estate, after some recent "unpleasantness." Ouch! Jack@ss. Chloe is right, he meant the death of her daughter. LOL though when Kevin and Lauren tried to distract everyone about talking about the menu. Boy, Gloria was so blunt slamming not wanting her son to stay with his cuckoo bird wife. I like her bringing up Jana, even though she referred as cuckoo too. I miss her. Kevin and her were a great couple together. Someone needs to remind Gloria that her son used to be "cuckoo" too and shut up about his wives! But Chloe showed how manipulative she was by "accidentally" dumping her champagne on Gloria. Then stealing the aphrodisiac from her purse. Kevin needs to listen to Michael/Lauren's wise advice to annual the marriage, so Chloe needs to be put in the Fairview. They are right that Chloe is capable of doing something unpredictable that could wind up hurting herself or someone else. And as we saw in the preview, she is going after Billy to drug him to try to get pregnant. May this sick scheme fail too. I hate the writers have been taking Chloe down this sick twisted path.

The internet posters slams that Dylan read to Kevin about Avery's cooking show were more entertaining than her program itself, LOL.

Very weird, to see Jack coming to talk to Billy about Kelly. I'm glad Billy pointed out that he wanted to date the woman that he slept with in his moment of weakness. Too icky, IMHO. A sad Jack rambles on that Kelly doesn't want him to see him due to not being over Phyllis. It's valid reason. Now move on and stop being moping over Kelly. Jack gave him good advice to win Vicki on his own merits, not by exposing the other guy's faults. But when you need to protect your kid and wife from possible dangerous man, Billy needs to find out exactly who he is. It is ironic that Jack pointed out that Victoria values honesty, but she is the one lying to Billy right now. And not playing fair with him.

Poor Paul, thanks to Lauren/Paul and Nikki/Dylan, there is no way he could leave early to go home to try baby making with Christine. LOL. I'm glad that Lauren is okay not being pregnant and enjoying her life with Michael. And okay to leave the baby making to other couple.
The post switches over to my co-writer Sylvia for the next two days, and I will be back Friday!

So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments?? Any comments would be greatly appreciated and very welcome, very much!


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