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"Rest in peace my boy." (Wednesday's Recap)

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Date: Wed, 14-May-2014 6:04:58 PM PDT
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Today's Players: Victor, Chelsea, Jack, Anita, Billy, Chloe, Lauren, Lily, Cane, Colin, Esther, Kelly, Baby Connor, Maintenance Guy.


On today's episode:

Victor at Chelsea's preparing for Adam's memorial service. Anita shows up to sit with Connor while they're gone. Victor disapproves because she allowed Connor to be kidnapped. Chelsea let the nanny go. Victor wants him to go to the memorial service, but Chelsea axes that idea.

A maintenance worker shows up at Chelsea's to check the duct work because of mold. Anita is trying to be extra careful and calls Chelsea. Chelsea says it's fine. The tenants received notices. She was right to call her.

Victor walks up and ask if everything is okay. He says it's time to start the service. Jack walks up and says they should wait for Sharon. Chelsea tells him Sharon is not coming. Victor says it was her decision. Jack brings up Nikki. Chelsea reminds him this is about Adam. She says, "If you can't have some self-control and respect please leave now."

OMG. At the most pitiful of memorial services Chelsea thanks Victor and Jack for being there. She said he's be happy and grateful both of them were there. Jack starts by lighting a candle for Adam. He admits that Adam hurt a lot of the people he loves, but when he looked at Adam he saw remorse, guilt, shame. Only God knows. He specifically talks about him hurting Ashley, and then years later his niece. Inspite of it all Adam was a genuine friend to him. He can't explain it. Chelsea chimes in. "Adam didn't know how to let people love him. He had a wonderful mother and childhood, but somewhere along the way something happened to him and he didn't feel worthy. He was broken. He was flawed but we all loved him anyway. We all hoped that he would find his way but he died too soon. He died before he could be the father he wanted to be. He died before he could be the man he wanted to be. And that's the real tragedy here because I really think Adam wanted to be better and I think that that almost happened." Such powerful, loving sentiment from Chelsea.

Jack says that in that very church Adam asked him to protect his son, save him from the same things/people that changed him. Chelsea tries to interrupt. Jack says, "Adam can't speak for himself but that doesn't mean they can't speak for him. I gotta get out of here. He kisses her on the top of her head and leaves.

And then there were two. Victor says, "He's not Adam's family you and I are." Just let him go. Chelsea agrees with Victor and ask if there's anything he's like to say to his son. He says that he and Adam had many conversations while he was still alive. Each knew how the other one felt. Chelsea ask, "Did you love him?' Victor says, "He was my son." Chelsea said, "Adam didn't think you loved him. He thought he was a shame on you. A disappoinment. Less than Nikolas, Victoria and Abby. Victor said he loved all his children. Chelsea said it's not too late Victor. Tonight was never just for her. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Back at the PH Anita is telling Connor a fairytale. The maintenance guy comes from upstairs and gives the all clear. No mold. He tells someome, "It's done." Then we see that a camera has been planted in Connor's nursery.

Chloe shows up at Billy's and Victoria's to collect on her good deed of taking care of him when he was stupid drunk. She tells Billy she just wants to hang out. Chloe apologized for asking Billy for his sperm. She promised it was a one time thing. Billy goes to get coffee. Chloe and Billy are singing each others praises as parents. He brings up the wild crazy times they had in New York and how hot she was. She says she's still hot. He agrees, and she kisses him. He kisses her back, but pulls away. Billy says, "I don't want this." Chloe says no one has to know. Billy accuses her of doing this on purpose. He tells her she's got to know that this isn't the way to deal with Delia's death. He tells her she's spinning out over Delia and this has to stop. She says she can't. Chloe tells Billy that he has Johnny. He doesn't know what its like with it being so quiet and being alone. Billy tells her he was hoping that he and Victoria could give Johnny and Reid a brother or sister. Like Delia? No. Chloe leaves. She's thinking about what he just told her about the the problems he and Victoria had conceiving. About the fertitlity treatments.

Lily and Cane at the AC. He's concerned because he hasn't heard from him. Lily tells him he should go check on his dad. Neil tells Kelly he's not looking to date and Kelly thanks him for his honesty.

Colin is still locked up in the attic.

Lauren and Jill at the Chancellor mansion. Jill wants to makeit a girl's day out. Lauren came to see Esther about Chloe, but Esther isn't there. Lauren hears Colin's noices. Jill passes it off as bad plumbing.

Esther arrives with shopping bags galore. She has presents for Chloe to make her feel better.

Jill leaves Esther and Lauren alone so she can go deal with Colin. She will let him go if he signs the papers. Colin says their relationship is unconventional but he's not going to give up on her.

Cane comes to the mansion to check on Colin. Jill tells him he's on a business trip. Cane wants to know what kind of business. Jill says she didn't ask. It's safer that way. Can says things kind of sound off. Ask Jill if Colin has reverted back to his old ways. Jill says she doubts that Colin will ever really change. Jills comes back to the attic. He has visions of her prancing around in a negligee. She lets him know Can came by.

Cane is still at the mansion. He found Colin's wallet in a drawer. Along with that the Bonaventure business card.

Kelly and Jack run into each other at the AC. He tells her he's on his way to Adam's memorial service. Jack left his phone with an old free. He tells her he cares. Kelly says that doesn't help her at all. She finds Lily and ask her to set her up on a date. She ask if she's free for dinner tonight. Kelly says yes. Lily says you have a date. WTH. The date is with Neil without telling him, and Kelly is surprised because she knows she's being set up with Neil. Neil tells Kelly that if Lily had told him she was trying to set them up he would have told her that was not a good idea. He told her he was already seeing someone. It's not a secret but it's complicated. He leaves Kelly at the table. Jack shows up at the AC. Neil tells Jack he thinks Kelly has someone on her mind.

Victor talking to Adam. He mentions all the damage he did. He guesses he was looking for his approval. He said he gave him many opportunities. Victor said he grew up without a father and a mother. He said he understood his anger. He said he resented him to the end because he knew about the secret about Delia. He said people were upset with the bargain they'd made, but Adam wanted to protect his family, and that he respected. In that regard he was just like him. He'd do anything to protect his family. Is he sad that they never bonded? Yeah. There's a deep whole in his heart. "Rest in peace my boy." Really poignant moments for Victor remembering Adam.

Chelsea comes home. Anita is all proud of the job she did taking care of Connor. Chelsea says mommy loves you and daddy loves you too even those he's not there. They were lucky to have had that kind of love even for a short period of time.

I suppose we're watching 'Adam' watch his little family.


So what did you think of Adam's memorial service? Jack's comments? Chelsea's? Victor's?

What do you think Chloe's next move is?

Are you disappointed that Sharon was not at the memorial service?

Any comments are greatly appreciated.


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