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"I don't care about anyone else's reaction but Devon's." (Thursday's Recap)

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Date: Thu, 15-May-2014 3:54:29 PM PDT
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Well Neil. His reaction is footsteps away.


Today's Players: Colin, Jill, Cane, Victor, Jack, Chelsea, Sharon, Kelly, Devon, Lily, Neil, Hilary, Noah


On today's episode:

Jill comes to see Colin in the attic. She tells him she's angry at herself for believing he could change, and they could work as a couple this time around. Again she asks him to sign the legal papers she had drawn up. Colin tells Jill he wants their marriage, and his family. He specifically mentions Cane and his grand children. He also continues to tell her that she doesn't want what they have to end.

Cane and Victor in his office. Victor tells him the Feds are nearing the end of their investigation. Victor wants to know where Cane is with his investigation. Victor reminds him that he will make him CEO of Chancellor if he can help him avert the disaster with Bonaventure. Cane tells him he needs more time. Victor says there is no more time. Tell me what you know now. Victor blames Jack, Jill and Kyle for his legal problems. Cane tells him he can find no evidence of that.

Cane goes to see Jill after leaving Victor's. He told her he found Colin's wallet while he was there yesterday, which was odd. Where would he go without his wallet? He also tells Jill he found a Bonaventure business card in Colin's wallet.

After Cane leaves Jill returns to the attic. Colin has discovered the real key to the music box but Jill doesn't believe him. Jill ask Colin about the business card.

Jack comes to see Chelsea at the PH. He tells her he was happy to have a chance to honor Adam even if things were tense with Victor there. Sharon walks up. She told Chelsea that's why she didn't come. Seeing Victor would have turned her stomach. She explains what Victor did. The hiring of a Cassie-look-alike to break her into revealing a secret. Sharon then surprises both Jack and Chelsea by letting them know that it somehow involves Phyllis. She had electro-shock therapy and was hypnotized. She may not know what the secret is until Phyllis wakes up. Jack says that may never happen.

(Chelsea gets a phone call.) Something about a property Adam owns which she now owns. Chelsea is about to leave but Jack told her he'd go and handle it.

Sharon and Chelsea continue to talk. Chelsea is singing Victor's praises. Saying how he's been there for her and how much he loves Connor. Sharon warns her as Jack has done on many an occasion about trusting Victor.

Kelly, Devon and Lily having a business meeting at the AC; one which Neil should be attending. Kelly mentions that Neil told her he's seeing someone. Lily doesn't believe it. Devon mentions the youthful energy Neil has had on the basketball court. Devon lets Lily know that he and Esmerelda are not serious. He's decided to have the PH suite at the AC remodeled which will be his new digs.

Kelly has to leave. A condo-sublet she's interested in has become available.

Meanwhile upstairs, Hilary and Neil are lying in bed. He wants to take their relationship public. She's hesitant. Doesn't want his family ties to blow up. Mentions that Lily's head would explode if she found out. Neil is willing to chance it. He states he doesn't care about anyone's reaction but Devon's. Hilary gets a sheepish look on her face at the mention of Devon's name. Neil wonders if Hilary is hesitant because she's not sure their relationship is going anywhere. He convinces her otherwise. She admits she would like to go to a couple of basketball games and a jazz concert. Neil wore her down and she agrees to go public.

Noah comes to see Victor. He told him he knows that Victor's lawyer wants him to testify on his behalf. Noah asks, "What makes you think I'd testify on your behalf after what you did to my mother?" He tells him there was no justification for what he did. His mother was sick. During this entire convesation Victor never took any responsibilty for what he did to Sharon. Noah ended their visit by saying he would testify on Victor's behalf because of how his mother raised him. I was so proud of Noah, although Victor didn't deserve his graciousness.

After Noah leaves Victor goes to see Jill. He tells her, "If you think I'm going down without a fight you're sadly mistaken." He continues to blame Jill, Jack and Kyle. Jill tells him she'll tell him what she told Cane. She knows nothing about his current predicament. Victor wants to know when she talked to Cane. She says today. He says that's good information and leaves.

Jack at Chelsea's property. In walks Kelly wanting to know what he's doing there. Jack says would you believe this is a total coincidence?

The episode ends with Neil and Hilary kissing goodbye while her door is open. Devon walks up, sees them kissing and has a look of disbelief and hurt on his face.


What did you think of the scenes with Chelsea, Jack and Sharon?

Now that you know why Sharon didn't attend Adam's memorial service are you glad she stayed away?

Would you have preferred Noah to tell Victor he would inform Victor's lawyer that he would not testify on his behalf?

Do you think Devon will let Neil and Hilary know he's there or will he walk away before they see him?

After today, are Kelly and Jack destined to be together?

Any comments are greatly appreciated.



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