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TGIF, "You got to be kidding me, not her!" Recap Post

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Date: Fri, 16-May-2014 6:51:32 PM PDT
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He went after her. He choose her over us. Lily
He made his choice, the minute he took her bed Devon
This is about Hilary, not my Dad. And she isnít going to get away with this. Lily

Hilary better watch out, Lily is gunning for her. I don't blame her or Devon for being upset, they were blind sided by this news. Kudos to Devon for busting Neil in front of Lily/Cane. Both siblings felt betrayed by their father. I knew they would feel that way. Hilary wasn't a happy camper that they were exposed. She knew this is exactly was going to happen. Don't feel sorry for her or Neil. They made the choice to get involved.

Loved snarky angry Devon confronting Hilary at the beginning of the episode, very strong scenes. Bryton James had some great one-liners! Devon nailed it that she has major Daddy issues. That was one hell of a slap, she gave him, when he pointed out that she had twisted Mommy issues. Agree/Disagree? It was a mistake not to pair these two, because they have good chemistry. Too late now. So what did you think of the intense Winter Clan scenes today?

Biggest Waste of time: Kelly/Jack. Their "romantic" scenes were corny, cringe worthy, dull and still forced. And Jack, you are fool, to believe you and Kelly are fate. I really don't like TIIC pushing these couple down my throat. So what are you thoughts about them? Do you wish his fiancee Phyllis was around to get rid of Kelly?

"You could crush someone like a tick. So do it, for my sake!" Your wasting your breath, Abby, asking him. LOL. Victor failed to get Mariah out of town so far. He will fail again the second time. But Abby, deserves better than Tyler. He won't put her first. Again, we see that he won't be honest with her about his past with Mariah. Leslie was right, that Mariah has him, and that's a big problem.

What are your thoughts about the Sharon/Mariah scenes? Would you like her to be Cassie's twin or cousin? Do you think Sharon will listen to Nick, to stay away Mariah?

Who do you think took Mariah's money? Ian? Housekeeping?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
And it's my usual, "free for all post" for Friday, after my brief comments.

So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments?? Thoughts on the cliffhanger? Any comments would be greatly appreciated and very welcome, very much!

Hope you have a great weekend!!


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