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Tues, "We canít pretend this is tea party.This is an intervention!" Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 20-May-2014 7:11:36 PM PDT
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Itís true,if we donít get Chloe some real help now, who knows what she will do next. Chelsea.

Well, we know. She fled the scene, since she overheard them talking about having an intervention, and Fairview for her. Things seems even more bleak for her now. Can her friends and family get through to Chloe? Do you think she will get the help she needed?
Sorry, I am late posting. I'm still trying to catch up from my busy long weekend.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap [link]

Excellent top notch acting from GR, TB, CLB, and MCE in our condo intervention group. As well as, great supporting acting from DT, KL.

"Love is wonderful, but it won't heal Chloe. Not alone" Wise words from Michael. Our first intervention was for angry Kevin, who was in denial that Chloe should be in Fairview("over my dead body") Ester protested but realized they were right. I felt her pain, as she wanted her broken daughter to be okay. I am glad they didn't leave her out of the storyline. Kevin was the stubborn guardian/"husband" and states no. He was deluded stating that Chloe was getting better, she can envision the future. I'm glad Billy shattered the illusion that her "future," included getting pregnant with his kid. Another Delia. He doesn't know that the extremes she went to get do it(stealing his sperm) Then bluntly tells him that she asked for his sperm, then tried to drug him. Kevin retorts that Billy got drunk and hit on her. I'm glad Chelsea confirmed his story, except for the drugs. I could feel her love and concern for her best friend, Chloe by wanting to do this. But then Kevin remembered the Gloria's sensual oil and accepted the truth. Finally, he agrees to do it. I loved Michael as our strong leader in the group, stating they need to let Chloe know they love her and won't abandoned her. He is right, this is the most loving thing, they could do for her. Do you agree? He also had strong team members from Lauren, Chelsea, and Billy.

Well Summer finally meets Austin, as she went to talk to her Aunt Avery about Jack. I'm glad she told her that she isn't okay with Jack dating one woman, Kelly. Avery made some good points that no one can stay frozen in time. He has been devoted, but can't help has feeling for someone. Well, I think it's more lust for him. What do you think?? But it was brave for Summer to give him, her blessing. So we get another message from Avery's stalker, "So you are going on the Talk today, is there something you want to share with the world?" Summer nailed it , "Fan or creep Stan." Avery again, brushes it off. But she needs to be concerned and hire some protection. What do you think??

Well, Jack actually noticed the tension between Kelly/Stitch and inquires her about it. But she is so evasive with her answers, then blow it off. That's should have been a red flag for for him. But what does he do instead, plans a romantic lunch for her. What a fool. She has done good research on him, but he has done nothing on her. I really hate that he is going after the woman, that was involved with his brother. Icky. It made more sense when he loathe her and tried to pay her to move out of town. I am not buying this "grand romance" that they are sell us. It's dull and boring. How about you?

It started out good, as Victoria angrily blasted Stitch for invading her privacy by looking into her files, learning that she was pregnant. And she should have had him fired, because he abused his position as a doctor. Instead she falls apart and confessing to him, she doesn't know who the father is. It's obvious that she wants Billy to be the father and is scared if it is Ben. Because, then her marriage is over. It really bugged me that Victoria was apologizing to Stitch for getting angry and dumping this mess on him. Oh brother. Even he, questioned, that she should be angry. And by Victoria keeping it secret, Stitch will be there for her. Of course, he will. Ugh. Then he has her exactly where he wants her. Didn't like them hugging. She should have kicked him out, then told Billy the truth. It's not fair that Stitch knows, but he doesn't.
The post switches over again to my co-writer Sylvia for the next two days, and I will be back on Friday!
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments?? Any comments would be greatly appreciated and very welcome, very much!


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