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Happy Birthday Paul Williams. (Wednesday's Recap Post)

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Date: Wed, 21-May-2014 6:27:39 PM PDT
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Today's Players: Lauren, Michael, Kevin, Chloe, Paul, Christine, Ian, Nikki, Avery, Dylan, Summer, Austin, Victor

On today's Episode:

Lauren, Michael, Kevin at the police station. Michael telling Kevin that Chloe is in violation of her court order because she did not attend her therapy session. If she isn't found soon he will have to tell Paul. Paul walks up and ask if he heard his name. Today is his birthday and he has plans with Chris. He's assured everything is okay and leaves.

Kevin wants Michael to buy him some time to find Chloe. Lauren said if it was her she'd go back to the last place she was happy.

Kevin finds Chloe at the Loyola Film Festival. Chloe and Kevin have a heart to heart. She says she was there when Delia died. Oblivious to what was going on outside. She said, "Everything was perfect. Delia was alive and I hadn't gone crazy." Chloe basically wanted a do-over. That's why she asked Billy for his help and why she took Connor. Kevin blames himself because it was his idea for them to go on a date the night Delia was killed.

Kevin tells Chloe there's still something we can do for you. You're not past the point of saving. Nothing is ever going to make me stop caring about you. Chloe apologizes for the way she treated him. Kevin ask Chloe "You're not getting any better are you? She says, "No I'm not."

Chloe admits that maybe it's time for her to get some real help. She thanks Kevin for loving her and for always being there for her. She also admits that she doesn't think she's capable of love anymore.


Nikki at the AC. Ian sends over sorbet. Nikki is appalled. Ian says they can celebrate the case against him being dismissed. Ian wants to know if they can be friends? Nikki tells him they were never friends. He says he's willing to forgive her for trying to send him to prison. (Victor walks up) Victor ask, "What's going on here?" Ian says he was just saying hello. Victor says, "Didn't I tell you to stay away from my family?" Ian says, "Since I'm in GC we should all try to co-exist. Victor replies, "Ain't gonna happen."


Avery is in the middle of doing her cooking show when Dylan walks in unannounced. Summer mentions how exciting this is, other than the creepy message Avery received. Dylan interrupts and ask Avery why she didn't tell him Ian was harrassing her again. Avery said she didn't tell him because there's no proof it was Ian. Austin ask Dylan if he can play the over-protective boyfriend after they're done shooting. Dylan looks insulted and leaves.

Avery puts the shoot on hold and goes after Dylan. She tells Austin that Dylan comes first and if the producers don't like it they can find another host.


At the AC Chris is waiting for Paul. He enters the lobby and observes Ian, Nikki and Victor. He ask them what's going on? Victor tells Ian not to ever approach Nikki again. Ian says he can approach anyone he likes and he can't do a thing about it. (Boy is Ian asking for it.) Victor wants Nikki to come to he senses. Nikki's MS is aggravated by stress. She can't forget about what Victor did. Victor then says he has to do what he has to do. Nikki says. "You're not going to go after him. Don't do it." Victor leaves.

(As Chris watches from the lobby) Paul ask Nikki if she's okay.


Ian shows up at CL. Tells Dylan the extortion charges against him have been dropped. Avery shows up. Tells Dylan he's letting Ian push his buttons. Dylan says he's not going to feel better until that bastard is gone for good. (Sounds ominous.) Dylan blames himself for Ian coming to GC.

Dylan leaves and shows up at the AC. Nikki tells him not to go after Ian.

Chris and Paul in their room at the AC. He's trying to talk about Nikki, Ian and Victor. Chris tells him she doesn't want to talk about them. They make love.


Austin packs up the equipment while Summer tidies up. He recognizes her from her picture on the side on a bus. She told him she modeled at one time. She opens up to him about Phyllis and he tells her his mother died unexpectantly. They bond. She tears up and he embraces her. Avery walks in. Summer leaves. Avery tells Austin that she's concerned about Summer. That he has a girlfriend and shouldn't be leading her on. He tells her he broke up with his girlfriend.

Dylan calls Willa, Ian's ex-wife. He tells her he's changed his mind and he's willing to pay. He wants the info on Ian.

Ian is physically roughed up by a goon in an alley. Victor walks up. Ian tells him, "You're making big trouble for yourself."

The episode ends with Victor telling Ian. You're a slimeball. This is one fight you won't win."


All signs point to a 'Who Killed Ian Ward Murder Mystery.' Are you ready for Ian to die or do you enjoy him as an antagonist?

Do you think Austin and Summer will start seeing each other? Do you think he's Avery's stalker?

Did you enjoy the heart-to-heart conversation between Chloe and Kevin? Are you now hopeful for Chloe? What did you think of GR and EH's performances?

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.



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