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Monday, "Memorial Day!" Post.

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Date: Mon, 26-May-2014 7:12:57 PM PDT
Where: Young and the Restless Message Board
I walked in the memorial parade Dylan

Dylan looked quite handsome in his army uniform on today's episode. I was very happy that TPTB acknowledge this important Memorial Day holiday by honoring the US military through Dylan.

However I did missed the Chancellor/Abbott and Newman BBQ Pool Parties. It was always nice to see the those characters interacting, having fun and relaxing.
Wishing all my American friends here a happy holiday today. I had the day off work up here in Canada, but I was busy helping my Grandma and Mom with their gardens. I just got home a short while ago.

Monday recap here [link]
I know that today is busy day for most of you. So I am going to make this a short "free for all" post. Comment when you can. What did you like/dislike? Any comments are greatly appreciated and very welcomed


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