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"I was born at night but not last night." (Wednesday's Recap Post)

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Date: Wed, 28-May-2014 5:49:26 PM PDT
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Well said Jill. Now let's hope it's not just lip service.

Today's Players: Stitch, Victoria, Billy, Chelsea, Jill, Colin, Cane, Sharon, Nick, Victor

On Today's Episode:

Ben at Victoria's: He fed her again. He suggested they could watch a movie or she could take a nap. Vicki said she wanted to talk to Billy. Vicki says the longer she waits the harder it will be. Stitch admits he's having a hard time staying away from her after he said he would give her space. She feels the same about him. Stitch gives Victoria a massage. Stitch ask her if she's given any thought about how she wants the test to turn out. Victoria says she just wants a healthy baby.

Billy at Chelsea's: He's pressing her on what she knows. Billy wants to know if it's about Stitch. Chelsea tells him he needs to talk to Victoria. If he wants to talk to her afterwards he knows where she is.

Colin and Jill at the Chancellor Mansion: Jill says referring to the necklace Katherine left her. "Katherine you loved me." Colin starts spewing crap about the necklace being communal property. They also found a note but tore it apart. A police officer comes over looking for the missing Colin, only to find him not missing. Cane walks in and ask him where's he been. Colin says he went to a remote part of Canada. He got involved with some Wild-Catters.

Sharon and Nick at Cassie's gravesite on the anniversary of her passing. Sharon hopes Cassie knows they're together. Nick says she does. Victor walks up with flowers. Nick tells him he has no place there. Victor says Cassie was my grand daughter and he has every right to be there. He comes there every year. Nick says he's being hypocritcial after what he did to Cassie's memory. Sharon stops Nick from continuing to berate Victor. Victor leaves forget-me-not flowers, kneels, says a prayer and leaves after telling them that he was not trying to intrude. He was hoping not to run into them.

Sharon tells Nick that at her death, Cassie was frozen in time for her. Mariah gave her a glimpse of what Cassie would look like. Nick points out that Mariah and Cassie are nothing alike. Sharon starts having a memory of being at the gravesite. She remembers seeing/overhearing Nick talk about the paternity test. Sharon says she thought she knew about Jack being Summer's father before the test results came out. Ask Nick. "Are you sure you didn't tell me? (Sharon's getting closer and closer to remembering.)

Billy comes over to see Victoria and Stitch is still there. He says he hoped he interrupted something. Victoria tells Billy there's something she needs to tell him. Billy said that's why he's there. Billy starts talking about Stitch's hidden past. He jumps to conclusions about Stitch and Victoria living together. Victor tells him Ben's not moving in with her. Billy zones in on Stitch. Tells him he doesn't have a family and he's trying to take his. Billy pushes Stitch who falls back and knocks a wedding gift over and it breaks. Victoria ask Billy to leave now and to call before he comes over the next time. Billy leaves. Stitch tells Victoia he wants to be there when she does tell Billy because of the way Billy flew off the handle.

Victor at Chelsea's: She's cool towards him. She brings up what she did to Sharon. Victor brings up how he protected Adam. Saying he'd do anything to protect his family. She admits there's nothing she wouldn't do to protect Connor. She mentioned Billy was there and the hard time he's having. Victor says Billy is as much to blame for Delia's death as Adam was. Warns Chelsea not to get involved with Billy. Calls him a loser. Tells Chelsea. "You be careful girl."

Cane/Colin/Jill: Cane brings up the Bonaventure business card. Wants Colin to admit he set him
up. Colin says getting Cane involved with Bonaventure was his attempt to bring them closer together. He thought it was an excellent business opportunity and denies knowing he knew about the unapproved drugs.

Cane at Victor's office: Victor is down after talking to his lawyers. He tells him that if it's proven he had prior knowledge about the unapproved drugs he would have to pay millions in fines and serve time in prison. Cane wants to know what if the person who led him to Bonaventure did it for a good reason. Victor tells him that whoever masterminded this will lose everything. I'll feed him to the jackals. Then he ask Cane why he came by. Cane said he just wanted to check on how things went with the Feds. Now he knows.

Colin and Jill piece the note together. Jill claims ownership. Colin tells her she's going to need his expertise to sell it. He says it's too late to have it appraised and suggest they put it in a strong box. Jill doesn't trust him and nixes the idea. Jill says, "I was born at night but not last night." They walk off with their arms around each other. (Hopefully he's off to shower.)

Billy back at Chelsea's: Chelsea wants to know how things went. Billy says you're trying to be a friend. How could this ever be okay? Chelsea says, "Depending on how things go if she has your baby." A shocked Billy says, "What baby?"


What did you think of today's episode? Like/Dislike?

Do you think Chelsea will heed Victor's advice about Billy or is she in too deep?

Do you think Victoria has all but chosen Ben?

Sharon is getting so close to remembering the secret. Do you think she will change her mind about telling Nick once she remembers it?

Will Chelsea be able to cover her slip up or is the cat out of the bag for good?

Any comments are greatly appreciated.



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