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Victoria is a twit and Billy deserves better!

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Date: Thu, 29-May-2014 10:26:41 AM PDT
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Chelsea was right when she said that Billy deserves better than Victoria.

He was grieving Delia's death and cheated out of grief and a need to connect with someone who had experienced the same tragedy. It wasn't like it was a calculated, prolonged affair like Nick and Phyllis' was. He immediately regretted it and should have told Victoria, but was ashamed.

Instead of understanding his pain and why he turned to Kelly, IMO, Victoria saw it as an opportunity to sleep with Stitch. She SOOOOOO wanted to and Billy's "betrayal" gave her to the perfect excuse.


She didn't even use a condom!!!

Billy ADORES her, but for her to immediately jump in bed with Stitch says a lot.

Chelsea is right. Billy DOES deserve better!!!

I do hope the baby is his so he can heal from Delia's death though. Not as a replacement for Delia, but as a new beginning!

Anyone elee think Billy deserves better than Victoria after her betrayal!!


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