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"How are you going to feel if this baby is Ben's? (Thursday's Recap Post)

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Date: Thu, 29-May-2014 4:27:35 PM PDT
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Good question Victoria. Knowing Billy he'll probably look for the answer in a liquor cabinet.


Today's Full House of Players: Victoria, Ben, Chelsea, Billy, Sharon, Nick, Abby, Faith, Tyler, Leslie, Devon, Lily, Neil, Hilary, Noah


On today's episode:

Victoria and Ben at her place. She's wants to intercept Chelsea to ensure she doesn't tell Billy she's pregnant. Vicki wants to wait until the test results befor telling Billy, but Ben tells her she can't trust Chelsea to keep quiet. She needs to tell him.

Billy at Chelsea's: After his "What baby" comment he wants to know what's going on. Chelsea ask him what did Victoria tell him. He said that she wanted him to call before he comes to his own home. She tries to play off the comment she made but he quotes her saying, "Depending on how things go if she has your baby." Billy ask, "Is Vicki pregnant?" Chelsea admits she is. Billy's all excited and leaves after he gets a call from Victoria and before Chelsea can give him a reality check that the baby might not be his.

Sharon and Nick at home: Nick ask Sharon if she's okay. Sharon admits that today (Anniversary of Cassie's death) was harder than usual. She continues to have bits and pieces of jumbled-up thoughts. Nick reminds her that her doctor warned not to force memories. They will return naturally. Nick leaves to go pick up Faith from her big evening with Abby. After he leaves Sharon takes out the ticket again.

At CL: Abby and Faith enjoying being single girls out on the town. Faith had her hair and nails done by a makeover artist at Jabot and wants to know if the lady will do it again for her for Abby's wedding. Abby says, "Of course. That's a fabulous idea. (Under her breath she says) "If there is a wedding."

Tyler joins Leslie at the bar at the AC. Leslie asks if he was able to get Mariah out of jail. Tyler says here wasn't much he could do. Tyler wants to know if she knows any good lawyers in Portland. No, but if he did find one they're expensive and he can't get his fiancee to pay for it. Tyler wonders if he still has a fiancee.

Tyler tells Leslie that he just can't abandon Mariah. She's in serious trouble. That she saved him. Leslie reminds him that she was the reason he was in trouble and that he owes her nothing. Also brings up the way she got him out of trouble. She's with Abby on this one. Advises him to cut the girl loose. Be glad he didn't marry her. Have a couple of kids and move on or Mariah will have a hold on him forever.

Devon and Nondescript Model at the AC run into Lily. After model leaves, Lily ask why he's wasting time having sex with another woman he has nothing in common with when he could be seducing Hilary away from Neil.

Devon ask Lily how is this supposed to work especially since Neil and Hilary are living together. (Devon starts daydreaming. He tells Hilary that she wants him as much as he wants her. They kiss, undress each other and make love.) Lily says "Hello." Are you listening to me? Are you up for it?" Devon tells her he doesn't want any part of this. They may have to get use to Neil and Hilary being together.

Hilary and Neil in Chancellor Park: He ask her why women have so many pairs of shoes. She comments that he's in the business and implies he should know. Neil then says he's going to call a contractor to improve her wardrobe space. Hilary doesn't want him to and reminds him that their living situation is only temporary until she finds her own place. Neils says it doesn't have to be.

Noah comes to see Sharon. He went to Cassie's gravesite and noticed the forget-me-not flowers. Sharon tells him Victor left those. Noah comments that maybe Victor should try to be nice to the living. Noah sees the ticket and ask if she ran another light. Sharon ask him to tell her everything he knows about the ticket. Noah tells her that they had some words on the date she got the ticket. That she wasn't happy about Nick and Avery's wedding and he was concerned about her driving and behaving wrecklessly. He surmises that that's why she's feeling guilty. He came down on her pretty hard.

After Noah leaves Sharon does a search on the internet using the date of her ticket, July 22, 2013 and discovers that was the date of Phyllis' accident at the benefit.

Nick and Abby have a heart-to-heart at CL. She tells Nick she's angry at Tyler. She tells him Tyler went to Portland to help Mariah and she tells him about their background. She doesn't know if she can forgive him. She ask Nick what she should do. He tells her to "Kick him to the curb." Abby says, "So you're telling me to break my engagement? How dare you." She brings up all the horrible things that Sharon's done, but how they're happy now and more in love than ever. Nick tells her that she's never going to come first. That things are not going to get better between them. He admits that his feelings for Mariah are clouding his judgment. He leaves after telling her she's a smart girl. To trust her gut. (Sound advice coming from big brother.)

Tyler goes to see Sharon. He wants Sharon to help Mariah. He tells Sharon that Mariah robbed a guy after he fell asleep. He says she's not a terrible person. He explains that she was abandoned and stole because she had no money/nice things and had to. Sharon ask, "What do you want me to do. Why come to me with this?" Tyler replies, "She asked for you."

Billy at Victoria's: He brings her flowers. Before she tells him she's pregnant he tells her he knows eveything. They're going to have a baby." She wants to know how he found out. He tells her he figured it out on his own. She was worried. She wanted to wait until she took the paternity test. He's caught off guard. He's really upset. He'd convinced himself that the baby is his and Victoria's. He thinks the pregnancy is a sign. Victoria tells him that until she's 14 weeks along blood can't be drawn to determine paternity. Vicki ask him if he thinks they're going to get back together if the baby is his? He says they can get marriage counseling.

Leslie runs into Neil and Hilary in the park. She's shocked to see them together. Can't believe her eyes. Wants to know what he's doing with her. Hilary walks off giving them privacy. She tells Neil she doesn't trust Hilary Curtis. Ask him if he's forgotten that she hurt all of them. Neil reminds her that she hurt him. Neil says that she found happiness with someone and so did he. Hilary walks up. Leslie tells her to "Treat him right. Stay off the internet." Ouch!

After Leslie leaves, Neil and Hilary have a conversation about marriage. He admits this is a conversation he should have had with leslie a long time ago. He ask her if she's against the principle of marriage. Hilary responds, "It's not out of the question."

Ben at Chelsea's: He came over to tell Chelsea that she can lay off because Victoria is about to tell Billy about the baby. Chelsea says he already knows. Ben said he knew she was going to tell him but she denied it saying Billy's a smart man and figured it out for himself. Ben doesn't believe her. She wants to know why he's there. Ben ask her how she can be so moralistic when she didn't give Dylan the same courtesy. Chelsea says that she knows he does't like her but Dylan forgave her. Ask him if he's ever done something he regrets. He tells her to stay out of Victoria's business. He tells her that if the baby turns out to be his he will be in Victoria's life and the baby's. Chelsea tells him that she hopes he has the decency to bow out if the baby is Billy's. Ben tells her she's trying to make up for what Adam did. Chelsea retorts, "Get out of my house."

Nick back home with Sharon. She ask him if he could look after Faith for a few days. He ask why? She tells him she's going to Portland to help Mariah.

Billy continues to go on about the baby being a sign. Of how they can be a family. That they belong to together.

The episode ends with Victoria asking Billy, "How are you going to feel if this baby is Ben's. What kind of sign will that be?


What did you think of today's episode? Like/Dislike?

Do you think Chelsea, as Ben alluded to, has befriended Billy to try to make up for what Adam did?

Who do you want to be the father? Billy or Ben?

Are you happy with Sharon's decision to go to Portland to help Mariah?

Any comments are greatly appreciated.



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