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Monday, "4MJ. Who are you?" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 02-Jun-2014 5:44:41 PM PDT
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Revenge is a dish best served cold, like a delicious key lime pie. 4MJ aka, Austin.

Ouch! That message was on Austin's computer screen at the end of today's episode. I knew that Avery's stalker was Austin from day one. He really has an angry toward defense attorney's, especially Avery?? But whiny Summer wasn't proving that she was an adult woman by asking him to make love to her. Instead it proved she was just idiotic by asking him that. She barely knows the guy, and willing to give up her virginity to him. So what do you think of this latest development as Austin as being Avery's crazy stalker???
Welcome back from the weekend. Hope it was a good one. Let's start our new month of Y&R
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
Lucky Sharon, getting pampered by Nick, by taking Faith to school, plus he made breakfast. But I wouldn't call him the perfect man, as she did LOL. He suggested that he is going to Portland too. Kudos to Sharon stating to Nick that she doesn't need protection and won't let Mariah manipulate her. I hope she is right that something good will come out of helping her. Like she is Sharon's long lost daughter and Cassie's twin?? That's my hope anyways. I was glad like Nick that Sharon was seeing her shrink today. You can see that Sharon is still puzzled as talked to Dr. Mead how she knew that Jack was Summer's father when the results hadn't come out yet. A little foreshadowing as she stated that everything's about to come together but scared to death what she'll find out. But she still can't recall that her traffic ticket and Phyllis's accident are connected together. I thought it was interesting that Sharon reminded her of herself not Cassie.

It's been a long time, but finally Lily and Tyler have a scene together again. He admits he blew it with Abby. I'm glad she wasn't surprised that Abby broken things off, since he went running off to save his ex. I like that she brought up he was attracted to her, because she reminded him of Mariah. Though she wonder how?? And I was glad she pointed out that maybe he cares about her more than she admitted. He could stop whining about Nick telling Abby to dump him. She made up her own mind as Lily said.

Nick was out of line blaming Tyler(at the gym) for Mariah coming to town. She did that all on her own. He paints her as misunderstood(just a scared girl, who made mistakes and trying to get her life on track. Do you believe that about her?? And Tyler's actions do speak louder than his words. That despite claiming he committed to Abby, his actions show he isn't. But to Mariah instead(who isn't giving up on him by asking for help to get out of jail)

I think it's foolish of Cane to accept Colin's word that he believed that Bonaventure was a good acquisition. He should have ratted him out to Victor, IMHO. I wouldn't have been surprised if he was behind the company's troubles.

Who would have thunk that Kay's necklace was worth 18 million?? Not me. How about you?? It was pretty funny how Jill wouldn't take off the necklace for the appraiser, but finally gave in to have it done. I was glad that Jill won't part with the necklace, due to love and respect for Kay. Then paperwork drawn up that they had to sell it together, which she refuses to do. But Colin proved he was not to be trusted again. By hiring someone to steal it to pay off his debts. What a prince?? ugh. Why does Jill keep staying with his con artist if she doesn't trust him?

Sorry, Cane's little birthday scavenger hunt for Lily was dull. What are you thoughts about it?? But Lily got excited when he assembled the Eiffel Tower and thought they were going to Paris. Instead it was earrings from her favorite French Designer, which she seemed happy about. I would have preferred the trip, instead. LOL

Nick shares the information to Sharon from Tyler that he learned from Mariah(that she relied on him for everything, then lost him). I really loved Sharon telling Nick that she is strong enough to handle Mariah. It is understandable that Nick is worried that Sharon will open a door that will lead to more heartache. That is a valid concern too I have for her. They exchange I love you(sweet). Bravo to Sharon telling him that she needs to feel that she's everything she can.
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments?? Any comments would be greatly appreciated and very welcome, very much!


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