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Tuesday, "Next time be careful!" Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 03-Jun-2014 5:46:37 PM PDT
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Remember keep one foot in front of the other! Neil

Oh, boy, Devon and Hilary were oozing chemistry and sexual tension today at gym(where he injured his ankle) and at the hospital. Agree/disagree?? Too bad, Neil interrupted as she asked if he could have any wish in the world. We know it was her. It was a mistake pairing Neil with Hilary. He was better off as her mentor. BTW, do you think that Neil can sense there is an attraction between Devon/Hilary?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
Kelly was boring talking to Jack(still in London) on the phone. I really still don't like the 180 they did on the character and hate her pairing with him. The first Kelly was down to earth, this one is so sophisticated. I really wish, they have given Cady McClain a new role to play and let Kelly leave town with CW instead.

Like Lily, I do want Neil to dump Hilary. But trying to force him to do it, is not the best way to do it. Kelly tried to play peacemaker by suggesting she open the gift from Fenmore(Which she does later).

Stitch calls Victoria, planning to meet with her to tell her the truth. Billy drops by the hospital to rub it in that the odds are in his favor that he is the father. He quite like his chances with Victoria. Billy annoyed me with his arrogance that he is the winner in the baby paternity war. He really takes it for granted that Vicki will take him back. Ugh! Neil wonders why she won't forgive Hilary like she did with her. She retorts that Kelly slept with Billy once, Hilary tortured the family for months. Good point there. I was glad that Neil brought up Cane's lies an deceit and that he gave him a chance that he wanted her to happy. Valid point there. I saw his disappointment when Lily didn't open the gift after he answered the call from Hilary about Devon and she disappeared. Do you think Lily should drop her anger and give Hilary a chance?? It was nice heartfelt gift Neil gave her clutch purse saying that Dru would given it to Lily. I miss Dru, best woman for Neil ever.

I thought Summer was pretty pathetic begging Austin to make love to her, so she can forget about everything. She wants him to be his first. But that isn't going to happen to day, because our stalker froze when he saw the laptop open to Avery's page. He quickly tells her he can't do this. Ironically he tells her, she doesn't know him and could be a complete psycho! Foolish girl claims he isn't and this is right and tries again with him. He then blows her off, using work as an excuse, not to get involved with anyone, then off somewhere else for the next assignment.Aunt Avery will hate it. Blah, blah. I'm just glad he didn't slept with Summer and kicks her out of his place. She later marches past Kelly, at AC, where Avery learns that Jack is seeing her. Summer, whined to Avery that Mom's in a coma and Jack's sleeping with another woman. But sounded childish as she told her if she wants to be with Austin, she will be. Avery wisely tells her doesn't want her to get hurt. I'm pretty sure she will be, since we know he is Avery's stalker. "You claim to work for Justice. Donít look now, Justice is about to be served" Ouch! He really hates and wants to make her pay for whatever she did to him. What do you think it might be??

Avery was on the wrong track, by blaming Ian for being 4MJ and telling him he won't get away with it. He denies it, of course. I thought he nailed that she wronged someone that intends to make it right. As always he used his manipulative psycho words on her. She tells him to "Go to Hell" But he really pushed her button once again and got her thinking, don't you think???

I think that Victoria wants to have her cake and eat it too with Stitch and Billy. What do you think?? I saw how jealous she was, by ordering Chelsea to stay away from her husband. Chelsea retorts that she wants to keep them together. Then realizes that Vicki believes she wants him for himself. Chelsea needs to stop sticking her nose into Bicki's marriage and butt out. She is only making things worse. Of course, Billy blew it later when he decided not to walk Vicki to walk out with her. He didn't get that she was giving him a chance to spend some time with her. But instead, he is more focused on getting Chelsea's help in getting Ben out of Vicki's life. Hire a PI instead if you want to dig up the dirt on Stitch, sheesh. I really don't like they are trying to force these two together. How about you?? What do you think of Chelsea's plan to talk to Stitch's ex-wife to find out his secret? Good or bad idea??

After being rejected by Billy, she runs into Stitch at the hospital, getting her prescription. Can't she go to a drugstore, like everybody else??? He wonders why Billy is confident that he'll end up with Vicki? Does he know something he doesn't?? She mentions not needing other's people baggage(Billy) right now. I wasn't surprised that Ben chickened out and didn't tell his secret to her. Instead he tells her, he will give some space finally now(oh brother, that's not going to happen) Vicki sounded pathetic that she can't do this alone and tells he isn't. She has family that she can go too for support. Instead she is leaning on a stranger, whom she barely knows. Do you think she is turning to him, because she thinks Billy rejected her for Chelsea?
The post switches over again to my co-writer Sylvia for the next two days, and I will be back on Friday!
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments?? Any comments would be greatly appreciated and very welcome, very much!


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