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Anyone else sick to death of Lily?

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Date: Wed, 04-Jun-2014 2:31:39 AM PDT
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I am SOOO sick of Lily and her self-righteousness.

She knows Neil her whole life. She knows that he falls in love at the drop of a hat since Dru. There was Tyra, then Sophia then Leslie and now Hilary. Its amazing the man doesn't have whiplash, LOL!!

I don't like Hilary as a character and think Neil falling for her given all she did to try to ruin his family and Lily's marriage, is a tad far-fetched, but it's a soap so I'm not the least bit surprised.

The fact that Devon wants Hilary too didn't surprise me at all since Devon as a character hasn't has much to do and him wanting his father's "woman" brings some serious storyline and conflict.

But, I'm sick of Lily thinking she can just snap her fingers and everyone around her will do her bidding. She had no right to practically order Devon to seduce Hilary away from Neil. She isn't the boss of either of them. Let them make their own mistakes! She wouldn't listen, as Neil pointed out, when everyone warned her about Cane!

She's becoming friends with Kelly, who ripped Billy and Victoria's marriage apart. Lily keeps saying that Kelly is "sorry" and moving on with Jack, but IMO, Lily is a hypocrite for being friends with her. I always thought Kelly (as Cynthia Watros) maliciously went after Billy, like Hilary went after Cane!

Anyway, Lily needs to butt out of both Neil and Devon's love lives and let them make their own mistakes. She has enough trouble brewing with the Cane/Victor scenario. She needs to focus on that and shut her trap about Neil/Hilary/Devon.

Am I right?

- Stefanluver

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