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"My darling. You are a thief and a liar." (Thursday's Recap Post)

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Date: Thu, 05-Jun-2014 6:12:20 PM PDT
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He definitely is Jill, but Colin's innocent by a fluke this one time.

Today's Players: Sharon, Nick, Mariah, Tyler, Abby, Jill, Colin, Lauren, Neil, Hilary, Lily, Mattie, Devon, Malone (Thief), Police Officer

On today's episode: Nick welcomes Sharon back from Portland with a kiss. Sharon tells him charges were dropped against Mariah. Before she can tell him Mariah's there, he says, "Mariah's out of our lives for good. That's all that matters." In walks Mariah from the kitchen as a shocked Nick looks on.

Sharon goes on to tell him that Mariah is not moving in. She's going to put her up in a hotel room until she finds a job. After Mariah leaves Nick says he should have gone wth her to Portland. He knew that Mariah was going to manipulate her. Sharon trys to assure Nick she's fine. She says no more fighting/no more talking. They kiss.

Tyler in the park. Abby walks up. She doesn't want to talk so he tells her to listen. He says he still doesn't understand why she called off their engagement. He thinks it's because of what Nick said. She tells him it's because of Mariah. He still has feelings for Mariah. He kisses her. Afterwards she says, "What part of we're over don't you understand?" He continues to try to convince her that he loves her, only her. She calls him out on not being honest with her. Tyler says he and Mariah are even now. She's long gone. He tells her he closed the door on Mariah when he asked Abby to marry him. That loving her has made him a better person. Mariah walks up. Abby is facing her. Mariah says to Tyler's back. "Hello Tyler."

Abby wants to know if he knew she was back in town. Of course he doesn't. He tells Mariah he doesn't love her. Mariah says she came back because she owes both of them an apology. Abby ask, "Why now?' Mariah says she never stood a chance of winning him back. That Abby should give Tyler another chance. Abby then says she must be working an angle like she's working Sharon.

Back at the ranch. Shick make love. Sharon tells Nick she feels she could be a good influence on Mariah. That she told Mariah she can start by making amends with Abby and Tyler. Nick offers to give Mariah a job at his club. Yes! Then he kind of looks like he regretted it.

Colin returns home and ask Jill if she found it. He blames Esther. Jlll is aghast, then she mentions Cane a Lily. Lauren then says "There has to be a logical explanation." In walks Lily and Mattie with Mattie wearing the neckace and a big smile. Mattie apologizes. Lily, Mattie and Lauren leave. Colin is expecting an apology. Jill tells him she's sorry for immediately suspecting him. That she's so ashamed. They embrace and kiss.

Jill called the police to the mansion. She wants Colin arrested. The officer can't because as Colin puts it, "He doesn't have probable cause." Jill begs him to give back the necklace. She starts physically searching him. In walks a mortified Lauren. She tells Lauren about finding her inheritance, the necklace in the chandelier. Colin stole it. Colin denies he stole it. Jill says he's goingto pay his creditors off then take the rest and move to an island.

Colin leaves and meets up with Malone who he hired to steal the necklace. He ask for it back, but Malone tells him he doesn't have it.

Neil and Hilary at the AC. In walks Lily and Mattie. Mattie runs to him calling out Grandpa. Lily tells Neil about Charlie getting poison ivy and Mattie staying with Colin. Hilary mentions that Neil would have been happy to look after Mattie. Up walks Devon with a couple of broken toes. Neil brings up Hilary taking him to the hospital. Lily makes a snide remark. Hilary leaves and follows Devon and Mattie who is getting cookies. Neil says to Lily, "You can't be civil can you?" She says "No. I can't." Lily explains that she thinks about alcohol when she looks a Hilary and the possibility of him losing his sobriety. How humiliated she felt at the hands of Hilary, and Hilary drugging Cane to try to break up her marriage. Neils tells her Hilary makes him smile. Lily admits that the present he gave her made her smile.

Devon, Hilary and Mattie near the cookie jar. Devon tells Mattie that Hilary is grandpa's new girlfriend. Mattie says, "Are you going to get married?" Devon after watching Lily squirm, eventually saves her, which she thanks him for.

Neil gets a phone call. Hilary tells Lily she cares about Neil. Lily tells her to prove it and walk away. Hilary tells her she shouldn't put Neil in a position to have to choose between her and his family. The people that he loves. Lily scoffs at the idea. Neil walks up and she tells Neil to end things with Hilary before she ruins his life, and before she does it for him.

Devon, Lily and Mattie go out to the terrace. Lily tells Mattie to put the cookies in her backpack. Out comes Jill's necklace. Lily thinks Devon has bought Mattie real diamonds. He tells her he did not. Lily ask Mattie where did she get it? Mattie says she found it.

After Lily and Mattie leave, Devon overhears Hilary tell Neil that she's ready for a committment. Before Devon walked up she denied that she was trying to prove something to Lily. Neil told her he did not want her to feel pressured. She wants to make their living arrangements an little more permanent.

Mariah says she does have a conscience. She can't stop thinking about all the pain she caused Sharon and Tyler. Years ago and now. She tells him he's a good man and he deserves to be happy. She's sorry for any part she played in her calling off the wedding. She promises not to interfere in her life anymore.

Abby's ask, "Is that it?" Mariah says the rest is up to her. She just hopes she makes the right choice. Mariah walks away.

The episode ends with Tyler asking Abby if she wants a life with him. She says yes, but she's not ready to put the ring back on. She says, "I'm sorry and hurries off.

What did you think of the scene with Nick, Sharon and Mariah? Was it what you hoped? Fell flat?

Did Lily's heartfelt explanation of why she can't be civil to Hilary make you change your mind about her, if you'd previously been less tolerate of her attitude?

Do you like the idea of Mariah working for Nick? What do you hope, if anything, happens with them?

Any comments are greatly appreciated.



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