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'In Celebration of the Life & Times of Katherine Chancellor' (Wednesday's Recap)

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Date: Wed, 27-Aug-2014 4:58:47 PM PDT
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Today's Players: Jill, Murphy, Cane, Lily, Lauren, Michael, Kevin, Billy, Victoria, Victor, Colin, Nina, Paul, Esther, Devon, Neil, Hilary, Jack, Nikki, Stitch

The majority of today's episode was dedicated to commemorating and celebrating Katherine Chancellor on the one year anniversary of her death.

Prior to the celebration beginning, Jill calls a truce with Victor, who arrived before Nikki, who is still at the ranch drinking. Jill is still trying to get Murphy to divulge what he's going to say at the celebration. Again, he refuses. Jill introduces Nina to Hilary, and informs her that Neil and Hilary are newlyweds. Nina offers her congratulations. Unfortunately Jill doesn't stop there. She tells Nina that Hilary got Neil to the alter so fast that it made her head spin. Neil tells Jill to stop insulting him and his wife. "Talk about the pot calling the kettle black." Ask her "Does it make you feel good?" Jill retorts with, "If you're going to insult me you'd better take off your sunglasses and look me in the eye. That she's never known him to be shy. Neil tells Jill that he can't look her in the eye because he can't see.

Neil tells everyone about the accident that caused him to lose his sight. Jill then tries to give Neil a hug, but he doesn't want any part of it. He wants everyone to stop. He says this is just temporary. He doesn't want anyone's pity. He doesn't want to be treated like a child or victim. He ends by saying he's not blind; he just can't see.

Now for the celebration. Murphy takes center stage. He starts reading a letter Katherine left for the occasion. She wants everyone to participate in a ritual which she participated in while on a trip with Murphy as she was fulfilling her bucket list. Murphy gets emotional and Michael comes to his aid. Katherine ask for everyone to put down their thoughts, troubles, hopes, and dreams on paper. (Provided to them.) After that, everyone is to put them in a bowl she provided, and then light (fire up) the bowl. She tells them the smoke will then deliver their words to her. She made a point of telling cynics to participate. (Had to be speaking directly to Jill.) One by one each attendees' thoughts were heard as they scribbled them on paper. From Paul thanking Katherine for helping to bring his and Nikki's son back to them, to Jack saying he trust that her and his dad John were having a grand ole time up there. Victor admitted that she wouldn't agree with the project involving Phyllis. He tells her he misses her. Neil echos Victor's sentiment of missing her and having his own angel on earth (Hilary,) as read by Hilary. Devon rips his paper apart after hearing that. He was telling Katherine that Hilary is all he thinks about. All he wants. That he has to believe they'll be together one day. When asked why he ripped his paper up. He replied that he didn't like what he had written. Nikki arrived and was telling Katherine that she's been drinking again. Then writes, "If only you were here." Everyone paricipated except for Jill, who was still harping on the music box Katherine left her.

After everyone has written down their thoughts, and put them in the bowl, Neil wants to put his in the bowl. Murphy walks up to him, and Neil accidentally knocks the bowl out of Murphy's hands, and papers scatter. Jack notices Victor's, picks it up without being detected and temporarily tucks it away, only to have a change of heart in honor of Katherine. Jack returns it to the bowl and Nikki is given the honor of lighting the bowl as Katherine's closest friend. To say she's frazzled is an understatement. She manages to get through it. (Victor gets a call from Dr. Cutler.) Nikki is left without his physical support and looks as if she's going to fall until Paul steps up to steady her. Murphy delivers Katherine's final words. (Dr. Cutler tells Victor he can start the procedure in an hour, but reminds Victor that there are no guarantees.)

Murphy puts on music and ask Esther to dance. Cane and Lily, Michael and Lauren join in. Hilary ask Neil if he'd like to dance. Neil volunteers Devon's services. Jack sits down next to Neil. He wants him to describe Hilary to him. Jack notices how Devon and Hilary are looking at each other. Jack tells Neil "She's a knockout."

Paul suggest to a still shaky Nikki that she should sit down. Victor walks up and wants to know what's going on. Nikki gets aggitated, says it's been an emotional day and excuses heself. She runs into Stitch who is out jogging. Stitch ask her if she's okay. That she doesn't seem like herself. That she's a little off and it doesn't appear to be her MS. She snaps back, "That's rich coming from someone who stole someone else's identity." Victor walks up. Stitch suggest Victor take her home. Before they walk away Nikki lashes out at Stitch saying, "Thanks a lot for your unsolicited advice Dr. Rayburn or whatever you're calling yourself these days." (Ouch)

Nina ask Paul about Chricket. He tells her she has a trial and couldn't get away. Nina says maybe if she'd been there he wouldn't have spent the afternoon watching Nikki. That she heard they had a son. He's says it's a complicated situation. Nina reminds him that he and Cricket are married. That they got married in that park. Paul ask her if she wants to wish him a Happy Anniversary. Nina tells him that he ended things with her so he and Cricket better be the real deal. She walks away from a rather stunned Paul.

In Other developments:

Victoria is anxiously waiting to be released from the hospital. She calls Billy. She wants to attend Johnny's preschool-orientation. Billy comes to the rescue by taking a pair of scrubs and disguisng her as much as he could. They leave the hospital undetected. After returning from the orientation they end up at Victoria's. Billy invites himself to stay. Vicki agrees as long as he makes her something to eat because she's starving. He makes her a PB&J sandwich. A pink tea set at school reminded her of Delia. Billy offered to stay and look after Johnny when he comes home so she can get some rest.

Victoria admits it was a good day. Billy tells her they can be like this every day. Vicki tells him he needs to leave. He tells her that she can count on him. He'll prove it to her. That he will be back for all of the important events in Johnny's life.

Back at the ranch Nikki tells Victor that she thought Katherine's idea was stupid. That she got a little maudlin today. That she would rather have had he best friend in the flesh. (Victor
leaves the room.) Nikki notices that she left the cap off the vodka bottle and left lipstick on her glass. She recaps the bottle and wipes her lipstick off.

This special episode ends with Jill inviting everyone over to the Chancellor mansion. She and Colin sit on a bench and she tells him that nothing has changed. Colin tells her she's changed. That she ended up with him. At that moment Jill has an epiphany. She realizes the hunt was the treasure. She's so happy she found Colin. She expounds by saying, "The journey is what matters not the destination." She leaves the music box playing, and says she's giving it back to Katherine. She adds, "Whatever journey you're on I hope you're having the time of your life." When she walks away, someone enters the park and walks away with the music box.

What did you think of this special episode commemorating the anniversary of Katherine's death?

Did you enjoy Nina's interaction with Paul?

What did you think of Katherine's ritual which almost everyone participated in?

Do you have any ideas who may have taken the music box?

What did you think of the scenes between Victoria and Billy at the hospital and at her place?

Do you think it was childish for Lily to tattle on Devon for ripping up his paper?

All comments are welcome and appreciated.



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