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After the Fall Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 13-Dec-2016 3:09:29 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Chelsea examines her feelings for Nick; Cane is seduced; Mariah finds herself in the spotlight.

We open with Mariah on the floor and various other GC denizens reacting. Faith asks Nick if it was part of the act. Sharon tries to go to her but Chloe says to wait. Mariah recovers and finishes the show. Chelsea, Chloe, Sharon, and Dylan express support for Mariah. Hilary of course says she wasn't ready.

Cane lays it on a bit thick about his therapist's magic fingers and great technique. Lily leaves to take a shower and when she comes back she's dressed in a lab coat with only lingerie underneath and gives him a "treatment."

Faith wants to call to see if Mariah's OK. She gets Sharon who assures her that she's fine. She tells her she can come see her. Mariah is embarassed that Faith saw her fall. Meanwhile Chelsea worries to Chloe that the launch was ruined.

Kevin is talking to Abby and Summer and worries about Mariah. Abby and Summer are making fun of her. They notice she's going viral.

Chelsea is obsessing that her line is ruined. Nick comes and tries to cheer her up. They hug.

Hilary tells Devon about what a disaster the show was and says she's learned a lesson and if Devon is willing to apologize, she'll come back. He wants nothing to do with that and brings up what she did to Dylan and that isn't the type of show he wants. He says the only mistake was forcing Mariah to go live the first time. He gets an alert on the phone. Mariah is trending and GC Buzz is getting a ton of positive comments about her. Hilary is mad.

Summer and Abby are enjoying themselves and decide to do a spa visit. Chloe tells Kevin she just wants to go home and cuddle up with him and Bella.

Faith needs help with a book report and asks Mariah. Mariah tells her to ask Sharon. Faith suggests maybe something made her trip. Mariah recalls tripping and Hilary smirking at her.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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