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Hilary Gets a Super Agent Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 14-Dec-2016 8:09:45 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Victor thinks about his past; Nikki shuts out Sharon; Devon tries to save GC Buzz.

Mariah, Sharon, Dylan and Faith are still discussing Mariah's fall. Dylan stages a trip to make her feel better. Faith is supposed to go riding but Nick forgot to pack her riding clothes. Mariah offers to help her find her something upstairs leaving Sharon and Dylan to talk. Sharon asks Dylan to take Faith to Nikki and Victor 's but Dylan has to leave for work so she will have to do. As Sharon and Faith leave, Devon arrives and convinces Mariah to come back at least temporarily until he can replace her.

Lily and Devon are also discussing it but Lily isn't as judgmental as Summer and Abby were. She thinks Mariah is better than snaky Hilary who ruins the reputation of the show.

Hilary runs into Jack in the park and whines that Devon hasn't come to beg her to come back. She howls about Mariah's fall and asks if he saw it. She continues yapping about Devon being unfair to her. Jack suggests she find another job. She could also find another town IMO. Hil says she found herself in GC and has millions watching her. Please! This is a small-time local show. I doubt if anyone in Milwaukee would even watch it. She thought it was the perfect job for her. Which she's had all of what - a month? Jack talks about being on the Talk(which doesn't get the ratings Hilary claims to get). He wants to get an independent agent to evaluate Hilary. Why bother? Hilary is so great the whole country is aware of her talents. Hilary eagerly agrees.

Nikki and Victor arrive at home carrying a bunch of packages from their shopping trip to New York. Victor tells her she and his family are the most important thing to him. Nick arrives with Baby C and says he needs some grandma and grandpa time. His regular sitter who he trusts isn't available. They talk about Noah working at the underground. Victor wants Nick to come work for Newman. He says Noah can handle the UG. Nikki and Nick agree that it hasn't worked in the past. Victor asks what if he stepped back. Sharon and Faith arrive. Nikki is her usual snippy self and escorts Sharon behind Victor. Nick gives her the stinkeye.

Barry the wonder agent and Hilary. He says she's green but people would jump at the chance to hire her. Insert eye roll her.

Mariah returns to GC Buzz and keeps reliving her fall. She tells Devon she can't do it. Hilary comes in and taunts Mariah about her face bruises. Devon talks to Hilary separately. He wants her back to the show if she'll shift her tone. Barry the agent calls while they're talking and asks if she's released from the show because offers are streaming in. Hilary smirks.

Sharon calls Dylan and asks him to meet her in the park. She asks him why he didn't see Nikki the other day when he went out. He said when he got there, Nick was there with Christian. He says he's not really Nikki's kid....she didn't raise him. She tells him he's not alone. He has her, Mariah and Faith.

Faith is singing Jingle Bells while Nikki plays the piano. Nick and Victor watch. Victor talks to Faith and tells her about the one Christmas he spent with his mother. Later Nikki and Nick talk about Victor opening up to Faith.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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