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Monday, "Stop, why are you guys always fighting?" Recap Post.

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Date: Mon, 19-Dec-2016 9:00:43 PM PST
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I hate it. I want a divorce. Faith

Poor Faith, who had enough of her parent's fighting and snapped at the end of the episode. BTW, I thought that Dylan was out of line, inserting himself into Nick and Sharon's custody arrangement of Faith. By asking that Sharon request for more time with her over the holiday, which she did. Of course, I knew that Nick would freak out and angrily tell them no in the very public Christmas play. Because he can never have a calm conservation with her, ugh. And tomorrow, gets worse because Faith runs away.

Welcome back from the weekend. Hard to believe that Christmas is almost here. I'm not quite ready yet, but hope to be by Thursday. I hope, anyways. LOL So, let's start our new week of Y&R
Enjoyed the banter between Jill and Jack as they bickered over him not honoring their lease. She is right, what he is doing is illegal. He needs to give them 30 days. I also enjoyed the flashback of PB's first day with Jess Walton. Not surprised that Jill will sue him. Great scenes with these two.

"Next time, I will take the stairs." LOL great line, from Ashley. Also good bantering going on between her and Victor as they discuss Jack evicting Brass and Sassy. LOL when Victor claimed unlike her brother, he knew how move being business or personal. Ashley puts an end to the conservation as a worker joined them on the elevator that they shouldn't discussing this.

Cane has disappeared and Billy is cleaning up Victoria's glass mess on the floor. He tries to get her to admit that it felt good to destroy the vials. She admits it didn't, but felt great.

And I still don't like Phyllis blond, she really looks like Sage(shudder) Her and Nick clean up the bar. She wants him to go to Faith's play, so he doesn't miss it. He has plenty of time. She suggests that Nick can only handle so many ex wives at a time. He quips, that some are easier to handle. Hmm, do you think that TPTB are going to reunite Phyllis and Nick. Do you want that to happen?

At the cottage, Sharon is disappointed that Dylan has to go to work and miss Faith's play. He does go help her wrap presents before he goes. She asks him about his new case. He doesn't give her much information, but he is going undercover. She tries again to get Dylan to come, then apologizes for not being supportive. He informs her that he will be away many night and miss Christmas and NY's. He suggests Mariah could be there for her. Sharon brings up that she spending a lot of time at GC Buzz. He suggests, that Faith could spend more time at their house, so she wouldn't be so lonely.

Nikki is at the police station looking for Dylan. Paul informs her, that he is due to arrive to the station soon. She thinks that Dylan is avoiding her. She guessed right. He can't speak for their son. He feels the loss as a grandfather, at the moment. But can't imagine what Dylan is going through losing Christian to Nikki's other son. After Nikki exits, Dylan arrives and admits he wanted for her to go first. He announces that Nikki choose Nick over her and having a hard time with it.

Sharon points out that her and Nick have evenly divided visitations with Faith over the holidays. Dylan manages to convince her that Nick will be busy with Christian and the bar, and they would be doing him a favor by having Faith stay nights with them. Bad idea, which is proven later in the episode.

Jack tells Jill that she would be wasting her time on a lawyer and her case would be a loser. Jill snarks, thank goodness there is only one of him. And she will take him to court as she exits. Ashley asks how far, he was going to take this situation. He smiles, why would stop anytime soon.

Billy showed how immature he truly was by encouraging Victoria to destroy more company property. He was a bad example by breaking a test tube first. They keep destroying more equipment. He hands her a large cylinder, which she hesitates to do. She drops when she is caught off guard as Victor walks in. Jill is shocked to see the mess as she goes, WTH is going on? They are lucky that a business client didn't walk in. Victor only came here to offer office space to them, and Victoria is thrilled. However, Jill and Billy are opposed to it, wanting to keep their space at Jabot. Victor suggests that Billy leave the company if he wants Brass and Sassy to have a future at Jabot building. I still don't get why Jill doesn't get them a space at the Chancellor buildings.

Phyllis can't wait to get to Jabot, to see if Jack's reaction(about her new hair color). They talk about Christian and Sharon. Nick is surprised when she compliments Dylan and Sharon for how well they cared for Christian, when they had him. She picks cake out of his hair before she exits.

At Faith's play, Sharon asks, Nick if she can speak to him. He snaps at her, assuming it is about spending time with Christian. Faith arrives and asks for help with her costume

Villy is cleaning up the mess as TGVN advises Billy to quit and Jack will offer them a lifetime lease. Jill informs him that he isn't going anywhere. After he exits, she announces the duo that "playtime is over!!!" She should make them pay for the damages they caused.

Ashley points out, that Brass N Sassy lease is binding. Jack quips that contracts are meant to be broken. His lawyers are looking for loop holes. She wonders it was worth their time. He wants her to get her lab back and insists it is necessary. Later, he admits that doesn't trust Billy(for good reason) Brass N Sassy can't thrive under the same roof as Jabot. Phyllis stands in the doorway with her report for Jack, which she gives. Ashley points out that she changed her hair, but he is silent. Phyllis doesn't say much but goodbye to him. Hmm, does that mean, she is going to quit Jabot finally? I sure hope so! Ashley wasn't impressed but think she is trying him wrapped around her finger. Jack is annoyed that she mentioned her hair color. She quips, he can't call her red anymore. He doesn't want her to engage with Phyllis and wants to finish their conservation over dinner.

Dylan flashbacks to telling Sharon, he wasn't a Newman and Nikki put her other kids first. Paul takes the case from him, saying he isn't focused on it due to his personal problems. And he is part of Nikki's family, like the others. Dylan just wants to focus his family with Sharon. Paul tells him, he can't use work to avoid personal issues and send him to Faith's play.

Faith was happy they were there for her, in her time of need. Nikki and Victor arrive. She asks Sharon, if Dylan is going to come? Sharon retorts, Nick is here, the son who counts. The woman end up bickering and throwing insults at each other. Victor gives a nervous Faith advice to focus on person in the audience.

At dinner, Ashley agrees to avoid talking B&S so they talk about more important events.

Back at B&S, the trio focus on getting the company on track for the critical weeks ahead. And to get Cane up to speed and take down Jack.

It was sweet of Dylan to bring Faith flowers after her successful play. She is delighted to see him. Sharon congrats her, this was her night. Faith tells TGVN that his pep talk worked and she focused on him. She thanks her grandparents for coming. Nick apologizes to Sharon for assuming the worse earlier that she wanted to spend time with Christian. She asks about Faith spending her Christmas break with them. Nick bluntly angrily says, absolutely not.

Victoria regrets her unprofessional behavior of breaking the equipment. Especially when Jill and Victor witnessed it. She blames his childish anger of dealing with things. But she choose to do it, you know.

Ashley confronts Jack into morphing into sometime he is not. She knows that Phyllis and Billy's relationship has changed him. He refuses to be a doormat anymore and doing what is best for the company. She warns him that bitterness is going to eat him up and wants better for him.

Bickering occurs between Nick and Sharon/Dylan over Faith's winter break. Faith overhears and want them to stop their fighting and she hates it. She asks, why they have to ruin everything. In a shocking move, she asks for divorce. Nikki and Victor are comforting that poor girl.
So what you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments? Any comments are greatly appreciated!


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