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Faith Makes a Decision Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 21-Dec-2016 7:41:23 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Nick must face reality; Dylan makes a vow to Sharon; Michael and Kevin get a holiday surprise'

We open with a sad Nikki telling Victor she ordered a train for Sully with his name engraved. Victor says Christian will love it. Later Faith comes down. She and Victor go to the barn. She tells Victor she doesn't want her parents making decisions for her.

Nick and Noah discuss Faith. Noah doesn't like the way he's cutting Sharon out with Faith. Go Noah! Nick says he's bringing her home Christmas eve. Noah says he got caught in the crosshairs growing up and he doesn't want that for Faith.

Dylan and Sharon are sad about Faith. Dylan thinks they'll have a good Christmas with Faith. Sharon thinks everything is changed and the Newmans are now running the show. Dylan says she has him. She gets ready to leave and opens the door to find Nick.

Kevin, Chloe and Bella are meeting with Esther who has been invited back to work for Jill. Colin is evidently in Chicago and won't be hitting on her.

Lauren gets good news about Fenmore's and shares with Michael. There is a big package in the front room which Gloria bounces out of. . Minus Esther, Kevin, Chloe and Bella depart to see Michael and Lauren and see Gloria. Gloria snips at Chloe and when she and Bella leave the room for a minute, she tells Kevin she's going to get them out of his life. Gloria is curious about Bella's father and Chloe tells her she didn't provide good fathers for her boys. Gloria says she's got her eyes on her. Gloria has split from Jeffrey and Michael thinks that's why she's being so yippy to Chloe.

Nick, Dylan, and Sharon arrive at Victor and Nikki's. Sharon and Nick have worked out an agreement. Victor tells them they should hear what Faith has to say. Noah agrees. Faith comes in and says she heard them and she knows where she wants to stay. She doesn't like the schedule. She wants to stay with her grandparents....Victor smiles and Nikki looks shocked. Wonder what Faith will think when Victor and Nikki start arguing. Nick wonders if someone helped her make up her mind. Victor insists he didn't and Faith agrees.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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