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Revenge is a Dish Best Served.....Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 28-Dec-2016 1:54:14 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Things reach a boiling point between Nick and Chelsea; Mariah plans her revenge; the people of Genoa City celebrate New Year's Eve at the Abbott-Winters gala.

We open with Lily overseeing preparations for the charity gala. Jack says he's regretting making a deal with Victor; Abby tells him Victor saved his bacon; Jack said he got his pound of flesh.

Meanwhile at Brash and Sassy, Cane and Vic are discussing packing up. Billy comes in and says he'll be speaking to the press shortly about Jack's maneuvers. Vic asks him not to poke the bear. In the meantime, security comes in with a notice that they're not being evicted after all. Vic decides she will be going to the charity event and that Billy is coming do.

Victor and Nikki are getting ready and compliment themselves. Nick talks to Faith who suggests he see in the New Year with her. He has already planned on having Chelsea and Connor join him and he says Faith's idea is great.

Hilary is busy whining about all the pressure on her to perform for "all the important people." Oh, shut up! Making everything about her. Devon offers her some champagne and then she howls that she'll be drunk. Please, that would be an improvement. Mariah is also busy preparing her teleprompter remarks. She has a purposeful look on her face.

When Hilary and Devon arrive, Jack wants a private word with Hilary while Devon checks on Mariah who tells him everything is under control. Hilary joins them and is worried about the teleprompter. Mariah shows her the setup and beginning of her speech and says she'll pace it based on Hilary's delivery.

Abby recalls her marriage ceremony a year ago. She meets Ravi and tells him that Ashley is her mother. He looks thoughtful and also nice in his tux. Too bad he's sniffing after said mother.

Jack and Billy talk about the eviction being cancelled. Vic joins her parents and Nikki informs her that Victor is responsible for keeping her lease from being cancelled. Billy comes over and also learns that Victor is responsible.

Jack introduces Hilary who reads off the script. Lily is giving her the stinkeye. Is it usual to read a teleprompter for an auction? Not one I've been involved in.

Faith has fallen asleep between Chelsea and Nick. Chelsea is getting ready to leave and Nick asks her to stay. They discuss resolutions. Chelsea resolves to live more in the moment. She thanks Nick and they end up kissing. Bleah!

Bidding is starting on a car and Billy and Cane are bidding and then Devon buys it for $300,000. Next up is a Chelsea 2.0 dress. Abby, Victor, Ashley, and Cane all bid on the dress. Cane manages to get it for Lily.

The final item for auction is two weeks for a stay at a vineyard estate. Hilary is reading off descriptive passages about the place and gets to the point where they are warned about having a vine pulled out from under them like she did to Mariah on live tv. Gotcha!

Comments greatly appreciated.

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