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Thursday, "Happy New Year!" Free For All Post

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Date: Thu, 29-Dec-2016 4:47:29 PM PST
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Should old acquaintances be forgotten

And we end 2016 with a bang! Our final cliffhanger, was an angry Devon driving recklessly in his new car in the snow and crashing it. Do you think he will get the predictable Amnesia story, and forget Hilary? BTW, I was glad that Devon finally dumped her. Lily was right, he deserves better.

Another good cliffhanger was a police officer bringing a SORAS Reed to his shocked mother, Victoria. Are you glad to see him again?

I'm glad that Jack was pleased that Mariah got their charity trending online and wasn't mad at her for exposing Hilary, at the party. “Payback’s a bitch, am I right?" Amen, Mariah!

"What makes it wrong is us turning to each other." Exactly Chelsea. I'm glad she stopped things and was mourning Adam later. Her true love! I hope in 2017 that TPTB will put an end to this ridiculous forced horrible pairing(with no chemistry) of Nick/Chelsea. Do you hope the same thing too or do you like them together?
Thursday recap [link]

BTW, tomorrow is classic Y&R episode. It's Victor and Nikki's first wedding in 1984. Enjoy, if you want to.

And this recap/FFA post is done for 2016! I would like to thank Nancy and Sylvia for being such wonderful co-writers, this past year. And big thanks to our dear readers. I hope you have enjoyed it. And wishing all of you, a very Happy New Year

And it's our usual short fun Friday FFA Post. So tell me what you like/dislike about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!

See you in 2017!


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