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Monday, "Please don't go!" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 02-Jan-2017 4:24:14 PM PST
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Dylan, tell me you will be back soon. Tell me, that you are coming home! Sharon

But Dylan knows, he can't give her an answer and leaves in silence. Very emotional scene at the end as he gives her his wedding ring to hold on and kisses her. Good scenes with SC and SB. Do you think that the show is going to kill him off or will he end up the witness protection program?

And it's a brand New Year for Y&R. Thank goodness, those hacks, Pratt and JFP are gone! Hopefully our show will be much better with SS and MY in 2017.
Here is Monday recap [link]
Sorry, I am not feeling well today. So keeping it short and sweet.

We learned today that Reed ran away from his father, JT. Because he was moving to Poland for a job and Reed didn't want to live there. It would be nice to see Thad play JT again, but he is busy producing movies(La La Land) So what are your first impressions about Reed? Do you want him living with Victoria? Is Billy right that that he and Victoria still have chemistry? Or do you not care?

Sharon was the Voice of Reason with Mariah today about how the fallout of the Hilary situation affects her. She was right to point out that she was "better than her, until you weren't" And she will be the one hurt in the end. Mariah stands by her position, she had to do something. Sharon hugs her and says okay. But wants her to think before retaliating next time. What did you think of their scenes today? Did Sharon give good advice?

What did you think of the intense Neil and Hilary's scenes today? They learn later that Devon is in the hospital. The blame game starts as they both point fingers at each other. But I blame Devon for driving 140 miles during snowy and very icy conditions. Neil comforts her when she breaks down that she needs him and he has to be okay. BTW, I thought the EMT and hospital scenes with Devon, after the car accident looked very realistic. Will Devon be okay or will it be a slow recovery?
So what did you like or dislike about today's episode? Any comments would be very appreciated, very much.


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