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Reid is Home, Dylan is Gone Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 03-Jan-2017 2:36:50 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Victor gets in touch with Reed; Lily thinks Hilary is to blame for Devon's accident; Mariah takes control at GC Buzz.

Victor arrives to see Vic and also greets Reed and can't believe how he's grown. They discuss him going to school-he's already registered at GC High. When Reed leaves the room, Vic tells Victor that JT and family are moving to Warsaw, Poland and Reed doesn't want to go.

Mariah is trying to phone Devon about the show when an aide informs her that Devon was in an accident. She takes off.

Hilary and Neil are discussing Devon. Lily rushes in and tells Hilary it's her fault. They continue arguing with Neil playing moderator. Mariah enters and Hilary tells her she's equally responsible. Lily can't believe Hilary has the gall to blame anyone else. Stitch comes in and updates everyone on Devon. He made it through surgery but is not out of the woods.Lily is upset and Neil takes her out of the room. Mariah asks Hilary about the show and Hilary tells her to do it; she's staying for Devon. Stitch tells everyone they can see Devon-one at a time-Hilary first.

Noah talks to Faith about how her situation can't be permanent. He tells her how hard it's been on her parents. Sharon visits and tells Nikki that she's there to see her daughter not giving Nikki a chance to explain that Faith isn't there. She later explains that Faith went out with Noah. Sharon then mentions Dylan and Nikki jumps her and asks what she's done to Dylan. Noah and Faith return and Sharon leaves with Faith. Nikki reminds Sharon they need to pick up their conversation and Sharon says they're done.

Hilary is visiting Devon and taking blame. She asks for forgiveness and asks him to open his eyes. He doesn't respond and a nurse comes in to get her. Lily asks if she and Neil can go in together and Stitch agrees. Stitch asks Hilary if there is anything he can do for her. Lily and Neil see Devon. Lily says if he's OK, she'll be Hilary's best friend. Devon starts to wake up. They call Hilary and he starts having convulsions. Stitch clears the room.

Mariah talks to the aide-Roz-about the show and Roz tells her the word about Devon is out and suggests that Mariah make a statement and they can air pre-recorded stuff. Mariah agrees to go on camera. Mariah does an outstanding job and says they'll be airing reruns for the time being.

Sharon and Faith arrive home and get re-acquainted. Sharon offers to make Faith her favorite snack-quesadillas. Someone calls on Dylan's phone(Nikki?) and raises Faith's curiosity when she also sees he left his wedding ring there. She wonders if they'll get a divorce. She says Dylan left his ring to protect them so the bad guys wouldn't find them. Sharon tells Faith that Dylan left a message for her that he loves her.

Victor arrives home and tells Nikki about Reid. She tells him she's worried about Dylan and he suggests she call him. She gets no answer. Victor mentions it's good for Faith to visit with Sharon no matter how they feel about her.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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