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Worrying about Dylan and Devon Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 04-Jan-2017 6:58:52 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Nikki wants answers from Paul; Ashley sets Ravi straight; Jack strikes a nerve with Billy.

We open with Hilary and Stitch. Stitch wants Hilary to go home and get some rest and a shower. So is she stenching up the place? He says he won't know anything for a few hours. She just wants Devon to wake up and won't go home until he knows she's there. She goes in his room and tells him she's not leaving him there alone.

Nikki approaches Paul and wonders what's going on with Dylan. She says Sharon says he's on an assignment. Paul wonders what else she said. Nikki said she told her nothing but could tell she's upset. Paul says he's fine. Paul said she can't contact him. Nikki talks about Sharon's lies and the whole family revolving around Christian at Christmas and he can't share it. She leaves. Paul calls in Chris to go over Dylan's assignment. He is worried. Paul wanted to see him before he left.

Billy and Jack run into each other in the parking lot. They boast about Jabot and Brash and Sassy and Jack said B&S will implode. Billy takes the elevator. Later Billy and Vic talk about Reed. Victoria shares that JT and Reed were struggling. Billy says he'd like to help with Reed. Reed arrives and says his registration at school went well and even made contact with some grade school friends. Vic realizes she hasn't kept track of Reed. He used to love baseball but now is in to music. Reed gets a call from an old friend and leaves to hang with him.

Abby greets Ash with coffee and then questions her about Ravi's New Year's Eve kiss. Jack comes in and says Phyllis has quit. They wonder if champagne is in order. Abby leaves and Jack says he's been looking at Fenmores' numbers and they're vulnerable and it's time to strike. Ashley said they just got back on their feet. Ravi interrupts and Ashley says they're in a meeting but Jack needs to leave. She tells Ravi she wants to talk to him about NYE. He hands in his resignation which she tears up. She says the kiss was no big deal and he should refrain from kissing co-workers.

Phyllis meets with Lauren. Lauren says she can afford the costs for Phyllis's plans. Jack enters and runs into Nikki. They discuss Devon and Nikki is happy he didn't evict Brash and Sassy. They notice Phyllis and Nikki says she's sorry for what that woman put him througQieeth. Lauren notices Phyllis and Jack pretending not to notice each other. She asks if Phyllis has regrets. Phyllis says she has a lot but leaving Jabot was not one of them.

Stitch comes in and Hil wants to know if Devon can hear her. He says Devon is heavily sedated. Stitch again tryies to get her to go home. He says he'll call so Hilary goes home.

Chris and Paul are in the park and Paul gets a call that Dylan has arrived.
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