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Date: Fri, 06-Jan-2017 8:39:25 PM PST
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A super anxious Sharon confronts Paul at the police station

Chris, Paul and Kevin get why Sharon is flipping out with worry, but they still can't tell her anything

Chris tries to chill Sharon out a bit

Sharon begs for a simple phone call from Dylan, but no go

Kevin messes up and alludes to the burner phones - which makes Sharon really mad

Chris says, hey - you already let Nikki know something she shouldn't - security is important. No phone calls for you.

Sharon resents being treated like an idiot, and the whole conversation did nothing to alleviate her fear and anxiety anyway

MY says Sharon's isolation and worry makes her "lash out" in a way that not only might have a ripple effect for her, but to Dylan and his assignment

Lauren finally cracks and lets Michael in on her worries about Fenmore's

Michael feels like he should have pushed more, because he knew something wasn't right

Michael's feelings are hurt, but still, he comforts Lauren as she beats herself up for not seeing how bad things were in time

Devon enjoys a blissful snuggle with Hilary on his hospital bed

Chloe has a naughty surprise for Kevin at the police station

M - Jack plays it cool

T - Victor tells Nikki what he's thinking, Gloria schemes

W - Nick is challenged by his circumstances

Th - Michael makes Kevin come to Gloria's aid while Lauren wonders if Fenmore's is being sabotaged

F - Victoria tells Jill what she thinks of Jill's plan

next week:

Ashley battles Phyllis

Lily's history makes itself felt

Victoria announces how things are going to be

Sharon goes off the rails

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