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Monday, "Are you hurt, Mikey?" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 09-Jan-2017 9:17:22 PM PST
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What Lauren needs now is family. She needs all of us Gloria

Well, Michael looked suspicious at her at the end. Lauren certainly doesn't need her destructive mother-in-law's help. A delusional Gloria actually believes that she is helping Lauren by her betrayal. She believes Jack is the best investor for her. She needs to stay the hell of Lauren's business. Poor Michael, he was the last to know that Fenmores was in trouble. Are you glad that Lauren finally told Michael the truth? Or do you wish, she had done it from the start?

Welcome back from the weekend. My deepest condolences to Tracey Bregman(Lauren) and her family. Her father passed away this weekend.
So let's start our new week.
I laughed that Ravi loved Phyllis' former office at Jabot. It was an awesome for him to have his own walls. Though being the computer genius, he should have a bigger office. Don't you think? Ashley finds Ravi's reaction refreshing, the last person that had this office didn't like it. "Cough, Cough", Phyllis

At AC, Lauren updates Phyllis on Gloria snooping in her files and trying to get a job. She turned Jack down and no way letting Gloria anywhere near Fenmore.

Poor Nikki is trying to get Reed's attention on GC patio and failing. LOL as she yanked his earbud out of his ears. She wants a hug.

On the phone, Gloria reminds Jack that she can make things happen, they need to meet in person. How badly does he want Fenmores? She can make it happen. Ugh. She can go back on a cruise now! I only like Gloria in small doses and for comic relief.

Victoria and Billy are at Brass and Sassy, working. She complains that Reed can only talk to her for five minutes, but play his guitar for hours. She did use his ear plugs, he gave her. I'm with Victoria that teens needs limits. Billy wants to keep his opinion to himself. She states it too late, spit it out.

Nikki tells Reed they have could have flown him out to GC instead of running away. Reed points, he didn't do that. He went to one parent to another. Bratty answer. Nikki is happy he is here in GC and not in Poland. It would be horrible to think he was so far away. Reed says GC is always home to him. Nikki says, so many people love him. Reed points out that Johnny hardly knows him and Katie doesn't know him. Nikki says that will change now that he is home. Both her and his mother are happy is there.

Billy reminds Victoria to remember what they were doing at that age. Victoria rather not. They grew up to be normal human beings. Not really, LOL. He think the boy needs love and support, he'll channel his energy. Let him know she is on his side and direct him toward good. Victoria realizes she must handle this on her own, he looks disappointment.

Phyllis realizes she needs files from her old office at Jabot for the job Lauren needed her to do.

Jack updates Ashley that he may have found an "in" at Fenmores. It's Gloria, who wants to help him buy the company. LOL as a horrified Ashley said this was much worse as she already said. Jack wants to hear her out and goes to meet her.

Nikki gives Victoria heck for having to hear about Reed's visit from Victor. Victoria updates him that it has been busy. The police brought Reed because he didn't pay for his bus ticket. this isn't the first stunt he has pulled. "You should hear what he put JT through" Victoria realizes she didn't even know her own son, how did she let this happen. She didn't fight for joint custody. Plus the show SORAS her kid.

Phyllis is startled when Ravi enter his office with food and drink as she going through her files. Ravi figures out, that she is the person who didn't like this office. Phyllis knows he is the genius behind JabotGlo. LOL as he said, he wouldn't call himself that. She informs she isn't back for her old office. She has bigger things on the horizon and returns going through her files.

Gloria has Jack meet her at the underground, because Lauren would never hang out here. Neither does anybody else, LOL He is there because due to being curious. She knows it is more that that. Lauren needs a partner because the company is doomed with an influx of cash. She worries that she will crack under the pressure of trying to handle it alone. She knows he is a good businessman. Better him than some stranger. Jack knows she is doing this behind Lauren's back. "What's in it for you?"

At home, Lauren congrats Michael on getting a case dropped. She passes on date night. Finally she confesses she has problems. She doesn't even know where to begin. She hasn't been honest with him. She downplayed the company problem to him. He asks, why carry this on her own. Lauren is embarrassed. If she admitted to Michael, she would have to admit to herself. She could lose everything.

Gloria points out that she has experience in fashion(Chelsea 2.0) and cosmetic. Jack quips, it is best forgotten. like a restaurants with the name "worm" in it. LOL. Gloria wants a small role in the company. Liar! A disapproving Jack says, "You're dong a end run around your son's wife"

Ashley is startled to see Phyllis back in her old office. But reminds she can't remove company files. Ravi makes a food mess, then goes to clean up. Phyllis is only grabbing her own personal files. She loves her new job. And Lauren turned Jack down as a investor. They have moved on. Ashley opens the door for Phyllis and adds her purse on her box. She finally rips of Phyllis' name off the door and throws it in the trash.

Gloria states that Lauren loves his son. She is the best thing to come into his life. She did this without Lauren's blessing, but this for her own good. Plus. she is doing it for herself. Gloria knows Jack's the best choice in a worse case scenario. "You want this.. she needs this" She will take care of everything. Jack reminds that he hasn't agreed to anything yet. She is manipulative as she tells him, she knows that John Abbott's son will do the right thing and give her a job. He tells don't go picking out a corner office. She quips, "Whatever you say boss"

Lauren updates Michael, she is meeting a potential investor tonight. Phyllis and her will handle it. No need to worry the staff. Michael points out they have been there before, when he hid his cancer diagnosis. They are supposed to be a team, don't shut him out. She apologizes. She loves him and kisses him. They have high hopes this will work out.

At, CL Billy hands Phyllis his coffee and compliments her hair. He didn't get a chance the other day. Phyllis needed a change, time to let go of things that weren't working for her anymore. She thanks him for the plate of carbs. Her future is a bit scary, heading into the unknown. She inquires about Victoria. He replies, Brass and Sassy is doing well and they are killing it on the co-parent front. She meant on the personal front. But he has to do. He will let her get back to it. good luck. She wishes him it as well as Lauren watches.

LOL as Billy yanked out Reed's earbud for a second time again. Reed whines to Billy about his Mom treating him like the little kid he used to be. Billy asks Reed to cut her some slack, he has put her through a lot of crap. This is new for everybody, give it a chance.

Victoria comes downstairs, and the kids are covered in glitter and glue. But it's better than dealing with a teen. She gets a text and informs Nikki that Reed is with Billy right now. Victoria recalls coming home from boarding school and torturing her parents and Ashley. She feels like the universe is paying her back. Nikki suggests he let Billy help, unless she is worried about falling into hold habits. Victoria stresses that Billy and her are not happening ever again.

Like Phyllis, I was also relieved today that Lauren told Michael the truth. Lauren remarks, there is light at the end of tunnel. I sure hope so.

When Gloria comes home, Michael suggests she stay at a suite at the club for the night. He needs to discuss business after Lauren's meeting. Gloria asks is it about Fenmores. And he says yes.

Billy has drop Reed off at the house. Victoria announces that Nikki is staying for dinner. Reed wants Billy to join them. Billy suggest they all play a board game later, 4 is a perfect number. Nikki loves the idea, but Victoria not so much.

After business, Phyllis informs Lauren that Billy is where he is meant to be and ditto for herself. In other words, Phyllis and Billy are done. Thank goodness.

Ashley updates Jack in his office that Phyllis was there for files. She mentioned that Lauren wouldn't let Gloria anywhere near Fenmores. Jack remarks, "say what you want about Gloria but shell's put out all the stops to get what wants. You can't forget who you're dealing with it. Great mention of history that he once had Gloria's belonging delivered to Michael in garbage bags. She warns him, "Laugh all you want Jack. You can never forget who you are dealing with" Exactly. Don't trust that woman.

Michael is surprised that Lauren confided her business troubles to Gloria. Yes, she found an investor. Gloria asks why does he look so miserable. Michael admits he isn't pleased his wife didn't come to him sooner. Gloria points out, she is proud and independent. Michael knows all that. "So respect her for that! She's carrying a terrible load right now, and you don't need to add to it. What Lauren needs now is family. She needs all of us."
So what did you like or dislike about today's episode? Any comments would be very appreciated, very much.


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