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"Undercover" Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 11-Jan-2017 7:35:38 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Dylan returns; Abby discovers a new passion; Nick is at his limit.

So it turns out that the Donald's press conference took up over half of the show which I didn't find out till tonight when I started to watch.

When I came in, Dylan was in disguise and meeting with a woman with short black hair. And Abby was telling Victor she was ready to take on more responsibility. Victor agreed to let her do a meeting alone and let her sit in his chair. Nick was interviewing nannies and trying to make sure they didn't watch DC Buzz.

Here is a more complete recap:


Sort of glad that I missed the Sharon bashing scenes. They had Victor turn on a dime with the new headwriter,but Sharon is still written as clinging and unreasonable and putting Dylan in danger because she told Nikki what? Oh yeah, that he was on an assignment-what a big threat to his safety. I guess since I missed most of it, I shouldn't assume that happened but it seems like it.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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