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Monday, "My son is in danger!" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 20-Feb-2017 7:08:40 PM PST
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Are you all right, Are you safe? Scott, Scott! Lauren

And the phone call, from Lauren's son, Scott( a british war journalist) went dead on her. Was he trying to tell that her was being held captive? Or that he was on his way home to her? BTW, Scott has been off the Y&R canvas for over 10 years. So if you aren't familiar with the character. Here is where to learn more about him. [link]

I'm glad that Michael asked Paul to find Scott. Thank goodness, the men stopped a very scared Lauren heading to middle East to find her son. She could put herself and Scott in more danger if she had done that.
Welcome back from the weekend. Happy President and Family Day(Canada) Let's start our new week.
Mariah was the best today. I loved that she got Sharon out of the house and took her out to dinner. She is such a wonderful daughter. I laughed when she sang to Sharon, they were going to the Underground, two ladies on the town. LOL Don't blame Sharon, for not wanting to sing there. I am glad she agreed to go. Plus it would ease Noah's mind, has been worried about her. It was natural for Sharon to be unsure what do with the Crimson Lights. I loved her flashing back to a scene with her, Nick and Cassie when they first ran the place. Good times.

I could feel a real maturity with Billy. I liked him telling Victoria to have her heart checked out especially for the children's sake. Again, he repeats that he and Jill need to change. He really sounded serious to me.

At the Underground, Abby sticks her foot in her mouth by referring to Nick/Chelsea as a couple. Chelsea freaks out and denies it. She bluntly says, they all know better. Ugh! STHU! Tired of this "couple" being forced on us. Sorry, if you like them. Abby brings up the warnings, she received about Victor and Newman. Nick can't tell her they aren't true and he left for a reason. Abby isn't sure that Victoria won't take the spot that was always meant for her. Nick advises to keep doing what she is doing. But he was right, he did send to her Newman slaughter. He should have told her to watch her back. And if Victoria wanted to come back, Victor would kick Abby to the curb, ASAP. Nick clues in tonight was too much togetherness for Chelsea. No, thanks to Victor, Chelsea recalls keeping a big paternity secret from her. That's why she is keeping her distance from him. But of course she denies it and claims to be fine. He offers to do a Elvis impersonation to cheer her up.

Sharon and Mariah arrive at the Underground to hear a duo sing a terrible song at open Mike night. They see Nick and Chelsea dating and Sharon claims she is fine with it. Do you believe her? After all, she tried to set them up in the first place, blah, blah. She approaches Chick and she is happy they are official, which makes it an awkward situation. Abby and Noah interrupt. Abby things Reed would be great here. Noah doesn't think he is ready yet.

Victoria arrives home. Once again, things are tense between her and Reed. When he ask if she is going to fire Billy now, since she owes Brass & Sassy. She won't do that. And she is tired of the tension between them. She is happy owning B&S and wants him to find something he is proud of. Billy arrives and updates Reed that his Mom had a heart attack. He goes upstairs to see the kids. Reed realizes that his Mom left the Newman to be there for Billy. It was very nice to see Mother and son finally connect as they discuss the fragility of life. She urges him to find happiness where and when he can. Well, that little advice encourages him to grab his guitar and heads to Open Mike night. Boy, Victoria is going to ticked when she finds out. But first she needs to notice that he is gone. Then brush her hair. Sorry, shallow note there.

Meanwhile she is talking to Billy. It is terrifying for him, that he has to act like the adult now. But just as terrifying as the thought of losing Jill. She heard what he said to Jill, it's obvious that he loves her. She knows he is hurting. Billy thinks her approach with Brass and Sassy and Reed are perfect. She reminds him that he called her icy. He apologizes. But warns her she doesn't have to be a steamroller to get the job done. He thinks she is perfect the way she is, blah, blah. Victoria calls him a perfect son and father. But not husband. She points out that 2/3 isn't bad. They hug. So what did you think of their scenes today?

Sharon tells Nick how wonderful supportive Mariah is. It was interesting to hear him admit that he is uncomfortable being around her. It's hard not to think of Cassie then. She tells him about the memory she had of her earlier at CL. She isn't sure what she is going to do with the place. ITA with Nick that she has come full circle, there must be a reason for that. Really lovely scenes between them today. And they still have that special chemistry, which never goes away.

Reed arrives at the club and he claims that it was his Mom's idea to come here. But us viewers know that she had told him No! Abby introduces Mariah to him. But he looks very unsure of himself as he plugs his guitar in. Mariah notices him eyeing some shots left on the table. That bartender should be fired for doing that. Someone could have drugged those drinks. Kudos to Mariah, who stopped him in his track. By pointing the consequences of him doing that. I thought that Reed was a really good singer. I noticed that Mariah was recording him. She may put him on Youtube, where his Mom will see him. He will be in real trouble then! So what did you think of the Underground scenes today?
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments. Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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