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Kicked to the Curb Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 21-Feb-2017 7:56:31 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Jill must face reality about her health; Esther sends Colin packing; Ashley puts Phyllis on notice.

Phyllis and Ravi discuss their outing-Ravi said he went back to work afterwards. Ash comes in and is a buzzkill and dismisses Ravi to get to work. Phyllis yips at her. They fight over Ravi.

Mariah and Devon discuss work. He says he's going to be more hands on and says he'll have to deal with Hilary like everyone else. Hilary enters and Devon tells her he'll be around more.

Jack is on the phone when Hilary enters. She talks about him coming out of room and he says she's mistaken. She talks about Devon and says she doesn't want his money. Jack wonders what he does want because he knows she wants something. He kisses her forehead before he leaves.

Cane and Lily talk about Jill and her appearance on GC Buzz. Cane tells her sales have zoomed upwards since she began modeling for Brash and Sassy.

Esther and Billy decide to protect the mansion from Colin. The doorbell rings and Esther brandishes a golf club. It turns out to be Jack who is puzzled. Esther leaves and Billy and Jack discuss Jill. Billy says the purchase is off for now.

Colin sneaks into the hospital to see Jill. He visits her bedside and asks for forgiveness. She doesn't answer. Esther visits and catches Colin who says he has a right to be there but leaves when she says she's getting a nurse.

Colin stops by to see Jack and says to hold on to the deal-he'll get the money to Jack but can't right away. Jack is dubious. He wonders what Colin did. Colin admits that he borrowed money. He says that he adores Jill but took risks.

Ash apologizes to Ravi for acting like a hall monitor-she's afraid he'll get hurt.

Hilary stops to small talk with Lily...who's not having being compared to her. Devon interrupts and says to pick up the convo after the show. Jordan stops to talk to Hilary and is effusive about Lily. Hilary thinks he's acting like more than a friend.

Jill finds out she will have to take a statin for her heart and also that she'll have to quit drinking. Billy says he and Esther will control his stress. He tells him Colin's things have been packed and he's been kicked to the curb. Jill says he had no right. She wants to see Colin.

Ashley is all for selling to Colin if he can pull it off. Cane and Colin are talking and he says Billy is determined to keep him away.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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