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Date: Wed, 22-Feb-2017 7:24:15 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Devon fights temptation; Hilary questions Lily about her past with Jordan; Cane takes charge.

Vic is in the GC Buzz studio and wondering where everyone else is. She helps Mariah set up the set. Lily is nervous and talks to Devon. Hil questions Jordan about Lily and has a devious look on her face.

Billy is visiting Jill and continues to advise her to keep away from Colin. Meanwhile Colin and Cane are talking about Jill. Colin asks Cane to help him get a loan from Devon. What a sleaze! Cane says Devon isn't an ATM and that isn't the way to win back Jill.

Jill is agitated about Billy keeping Colin away and he says she needs to wait until he gets home. Billy tells her he loves her as he leaves.

Hil shows Devon some script changes. Cane has arrived at the set and Vic tells him she may hire Jordan exclusively. They bicker as Billy enters and Hil watches.

Neil talks to Colin at the AC and Colin says he's going to pay it all back. Colin again tries to suggest Neil get Devon to loan him money which Neil refuses to do.

Jill has flashbacks while of which is Katherine telling off Colin and telling Jill he's not worth it. She then has a dream about comparing Colin to Murphy and Katherine slapping her. She then dreams of discussing Katherine's health with her. She awakens and calls Colin. He arrives with flowers. She sees Katherine at the end of the bed and tells Colin it's time they discussed their future.

Devon talks to Cane about Colin and appreciates that he kept Colin from trying to mooch off him. Devon says whatever Colin is he did make Jill money.

Mariah and Hilary start interviewing Vic and Lily is introduced. Hilary starts interviewing her about her relationship with Jordan. She then points out the handsome Cane and Jordan and they join in and get shirtless. Lily sprays Cane with their scent and Hilary and Mariah spray Jordan. Devon looks uncomfortable. Billy is upset that Cane stole the show and took attention away from Vic. Vic says it's OK....the show was a success.

Cane and Lily go home and get cozy. Lily says they'll appreciate Cane now and he's not so sure.

Mariah, Hil and Devon discuss the success of the show. Mariah leaves and Devon tells Hilary he misses her in his life and kisses her.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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