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Monday, "Something just came up!" Recap Post.

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Date: Mon, 27-Feb-2017 7:07:54 PM PST
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Gloria, what’s the rush? Nikki

Busted! So Nikki has witnessed Jack and Gloria going upstairs to a AC room. Has she figured out they are having an affair? Or what if they aren't. What if those are up something else and using "an affair" to cover up it up? What do you think?
Welcome back from the weekend! Let's start our new week of Y&R.
Very good Nikki/Victoria/Reed scenes today. Nikki drops the house and to give Reed some sheet music. She raves about the video of him at the Underground that Noah sent her. Victoria quips, tell her how he went to open Mic on a school night at a bar. Mother and son argue. Victoria says he can practice his music in 6 weeks. Reed whines about being grounded and runs upstairs. Victoria updates Nikki that Reed stole her credit card to go a porn site. Nikki laughs. Bravo to Nikki for reminding Victoria of her teenage stunt posing nude for a magazine. And that Victor had to buy all the magazines. As well, as the publishing company, so they could get rid of the negatives. Great mention of Y&R history there. Victoria asks, if she thinks she is a hypocrite. Nikki doesn't think so. But she agrees with her daughter, that Reed shouldn't have used her card. She reminds her that it could be worse like drugs. I liked when a supportive Nikki told a frustrated Victoria that she would get through the teen years with her kids. Finally we got some progress with Victoria and Reed as she told him she would pay for his piano lessons with a good instructor. Nice moment as Victoria beamed as Reed played his song on his guitar. Hopefully we will see less bratty mouthy Reed now. A good start would be following his Mom's rules. Did you enjoy Newman family scenes today?

I'm glad that Lauren called Paul for help. The state department figured out that Scott is the middle east. Why isn't Homeland Security or FBI involved in this case. But she was wrong, Dylan is in danger just like Scott, just in a different way. Do you agree with Paul that paying the 10 million ransom will only make things worse? That the kidnapper won't release him or demand even more money. Or do you think Lauren/Michael are doing the right thing by paying?

Michael had the line of the day, after seeing Gloria massage Jack's shoulder. "It would have been less bizarre to see Victor Newman here taking dictation in a pencil skirt. WTH is going on Jack? What are your intentions with my mother?" LOL. But even Michael didn't believe that Jack had romantic intention toward his mother. He was skeptical that Jack has good intentions toward her. So Jack points out that he owes her for helping him get Fenmores shares. He pays his debts, hmmm. It was funny that Jack told Gloria that must be discreet, yet the door was wide open for anyone to hear LOL. They are trying to define what this relationship is, but they aren't a couple. Gloria is very cryptic that she wants tell everyone that they have put this vendetta to "bed". Ugh! She states that she can more than a receptionist to an open minded CEO. Jack won’t give her special treatment but rewards loyalty. Hmm. He passes on meeting with her later. She keeps her cell on, in case he changes his mind.

Phyllis had a realistic problem of not knowing how to help a friend(Lauren) through a tough time. Ravi tells her a touching story about his heart broken uncle having a tough time after his wife died. He and his father finished the wall and planting the garden for the his late wife. His uncle was so touched, that he is still taking care of the garden today. Ravi wants to build the wall for Lauren, by finishing the app. Phyllis is on board. Later they chat about Ashley not liking Phyllis. And Jack barely speaking to her. I liked how Ravi brought up the work stress at Jabot. "If everybody would just drop the drama, this workplace could go from an 8.5 to a 12, easy, out of a possible 10!" Phyllis knows that the drama is affecting the company. She will tell Jack, they will work on the app all night if necessary. Do you enjoy these two bonding?

Later Phyllis enters as Gloria exits. She is puzzled that he couldn't stand working with her, but hired Gloria. She points out the tension between them. And Ravi was upset because Ashley bad mouths her to him. Jack can't control Ashley, but claims he is over his issues with her. He has forgiven her. Phyllis isn't buying that crap and assumes he is with another woman. Then she heads to other office and asks Ravi if she is needy(like Jack accused) Is she afraid to be alone? Ravi awkwardly replies, isn't everyone? But he barely knows her, how would he know. But she comes across insecure asking that.
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments. Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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