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A Pair of Barracudas Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 07-Mar-2017 5:43:55 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Ashley sets boundaries for Ravi; Jill receives a special delivery; Mariah accuses Hilary of sabotage.

We open with Jill reading Katherine's letter and glancing at her portrait. Devon stops by to see her. He notices she has taken Katherine's picture off the wall. He asks about her keeping the fight alive and she mentions that Katherine did that. Talk turns to their spouses and Jill mentions Devon married a barracuda of his own.

Cane gets ready to leave for his trip and talks to Colin. Elsewhere Lily tells Neil she isn't looking forward to Cane being gone especially because there will be no buffer between her and Colin. She vaguely hints at Neil taking him in and he wants nothing to do with him. Colin gets a call and tells Cane he's about to pay Jill back and it's legal.

Hilary and Mariah are talking and Hilary suggests Mariah spruce up her appearance. She said they need to get ready for a photoshoot which Mariah knows nothing about. She accuses Hilary of trying to sabotage her. Says she'll look like a sweaty sock while Hilary is well groomed. Jordan comes in while Mariah leaves to get dressed up. Hilary and Jordan talk about Lily and Mariah appears and Jordan compliments her new look. He leaves and Mariah and Hilary discuss Devon and how they kissed recently. She hasn't heard from him since. She tells Mariah they should get going.

Abby stops by to see Ashley and tells her she needs to let Ravi down gently. Ashley looks surprised. In the meantime, Phyllis shows Ravi a dress she got from their virtual app and it's way too big for her. They'll have to fix their coding. Phyllis and Ravi talk about Ashley and Phyllis says Ashley isn't interested in him romantically. They are interrupted by Ashley calling Ravi and wanting to see him. He assumes it's good news.

Jordan takes pictures of the women as Devon enters. They leave to get ready for the show. Jordan asks Devon if he minds if he asks Hilary for a date. C'mon, who does that? He does asks and she accepts. Mariah talks to Devon.

Cane and Lily discuss Colin and long he'll be there. Cane seems to think that Colin may be able to patch things up with Jill. At the mansion, it doesn't look that way. She sees the ring and flashes back to Philip proposing. We just see the Philip half since a different actress was then playing Jill. Jill tells Colin she can't forgive him or Katherine. Colin says for now it will have to do.

Ravi comes to see Ashley. She tells him she values him but hopes she hasn't given him the wrong idea. She says they'll never be more than friends. He asks why. He said age doesn't matter. He says he'll respect her wishes but wonders why she cares more about what people think than what she wants.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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