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Scott Returns Thursday Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 09-Mar-2017 3:00:45 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Devon shocks Hilary; Victoria stands up for Reed. Daniel Hall debuts as Scott Grainger.

We open with Hilary and Devon in the penthouse. She said she wants things settled: forgive her or sign divorce papers. Devon thinks she has some nerve. He said she's had the most effect on his life and he doubts that will ever change. They bicker and end up in bed. Afterwards, they discuss old times but decide the marriage is broken. Devon signs the divorce papers. Or is it over? Will Hilary end up pregnant?

Billy and Vic talk about how Cane is doing in Japan. He is fretting and waiting to hear back. Vic calls him and Cane puts her off telling her there's no decision yet. Billy thinks the deal has fallen through. He wants to stop her pacing by taking her to see Reed perform.

Mariah is backstage with Reed trying to encourage him to go on. She tells him about falling on her face at GC Buzz and that worked out fine but she had to overcome her doubts and go back out. Meanwhile Victoria and Billy arrive and Noah tells them he left the stage and Mariah is with him. Vic spots Zoey and goes over to confront her but Billy goes along to make sure nothing gets out of hand. Reed comes out and finds Vic and Billy with Zoey and wonders what's going on. Billy says they were just saying hi and they leave. Zoey tells Reed she wasn't making fun of him, they were just looking looking at photos. She asks him to sing for her.

Noah offers Mariah a drink as thanks for getting Reed to perform and shares his breakup with Marisa with her. She wanted to be closer to her daughter and he didn't want to leave GC. He says they're both fine with it. I think they should find love interests for both of these siblings since they're both more interesting than the other couples they're wasting our time on.

Scott and Kevin return home. Lauren is ecstatic to see her son. Scott thanks Kevin and Lauren for paying the ransom. Lauren tells him that was Victor. Scott is still worried about his driver-they don't know what happened to him. He wants to use Lauren's phone and she wants him to rest.

Juliet gets Sato to give Cane another chance. Cane apologizes and Sato agrees to work with him. He tells Juliet in Japanese not to let Cane go anywhere without her. Apparently Sato has never made a deal with Donald Trump if he was willing to call off this one over a bearhug.

Reed is performing while Vic steps out to take a phone call from Cane. Vic returns and tells Billy the deal is on. They toast to it as do Cane in Juliet in July.

Michael and Kevin meet for dinner. Michael wants to know how Scott is doing and Kevin says he knows he was haunted by what happened. Meanwhile Lauren wants Scott to stay and he says GC is not his home. What is your opinion of the new Scott?

Comments greatly appreciated.

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