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Monday, "There is only one thing, I want from you, Devon!" Recap Post.

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This show, full ownership. Take it or leave it!! Hilary

What do you think of Hilary's demand of Devon to give her GC Buzz for her divorce settlement? Do you think that Devon will give it to her? Or would that be a mistake to do that?

Poor Lily, don't blame her being scared by that creepy fan of her. It only gets worse because her stalker is following her home.

Do you find it out of character for Cane to get drunk with his business associate?
Welcome back from the weekend. We have a short 3 day Y&R week due to March Madness on Thursday and Friday. Nancy will do Tuesday post, as usual. I will be back on Wednesday(Free for All Post) to finish off the week.
On video chat with Cane and Juliette, Victoria expresses relief to see the signed document. She exclaims, ď South Koreaís all locked upĒ Cane adds, as well as. Singapore, Thailand, and Japa. Victoria states, fantastic! Cane says as soon as they sign contracts, they can start shipping in the hottest stores etc. Victoria exclaims, look out Jabot. Cane states, BnS is about to become a serious player in the Asian market. Victoria states that is the best news that she could have ever heard. Cane is glad that he could make her happy. Victoria is ecstatic She worked so hard to get meeting with that Sato One day they wrapped all up with a big red bow. Cane couldnít have done it with out Juliette. Victoria tells them to go have a night of celebration in Tokyo on her. Cane thinks they can handle that.

At the club, Billy takes note of a sign promoting the Annual Wedding Fair. Upstairs, he redirects a lost groom-to-be to the ballroom, and promotes Brass and Sassyís booth. Then he enters the suite Lilyís getting ready in. The B&S booth is running out of sample, she updates him. Things are great Jordan comes to take Lily back down to take some pictures Billy thanks them for their hard work. She replies, this isnít work, when you love what you do. A worried Lily hasnít heard from Cane. Billy informs that Cane is busy in meetings(Not anymore) Lily will be patient. As Jordan and Lily exit, the Ďlostí guy pokes his head out. Hmmm.

At GC Buzz, Hilary hopes today script doesnít have any fun homemaking segments. Mariah ask, if she has seen the rough cut, it was awesome. An arrogant Hilary says her fans donít tune in to see her do that, but have glamour and sophistication. If she thinks moping up floors is entertaining, then maybe this show isnít the right fit for her. Mariah quips, man, somebody is in a snit today. No, Hilaryís in a fabulous mood , closure does that. She is ready to jump into the next phase of her life with both feet. See if she can work this press release into tonightís show. Mariah reads and raises her eye. Hilary happily announces that her and Devon are getting divorced. Mariah looks stunned.

At AC, Michael sitting with Devon at the table, notes everything seems to be order. If this what he wants. Devon points out that he signed the divorce papers. Michael says he resisted. What made him change his mind? Devon reveals that Hilary came over and they talked. Said a lot of things that they should have said a long time ago. Michael goes after the accident. Devon says his relationship is a mess, there is no fixing it. They canít go back or move forward. As painful as it is, ending things makes the most sense. Michael is sorry they didnít make it, but now you get to build the life you want. Whatever that is, Devon pouts. Michael knows that divorce is tough, but he is going to bounce back. He is young, bright, and has a hell of a lot of things going for. Devon states, "All the money in the world, wonít make the cliff I am standing on any less scary." Michael points out that his family is a resource too. Donít be afraid to lean on them. He notes when someone hesitant to move forward because something in oneís past is unresolved. Thatís not the case here, Devon quips.

When Mariah asks, if she hooked up with Jordan, Hilary tells her donít be crass, there is no one else. Mariah points out that she made sure everyone is a 3 mile radius, what was going on. Hilary retorts, they had drinks, so what? Mariah points out that a man donít like when their wives start seeing other men. Hilary informs that Devon and her sat down like mature adults and realized their marriage was over. There is no point dragging this out. Hilary asks, if she thinks splashing her life on TV is the way to go. Hilary states she is a celebrity in this town. Celebrity news is what they do best. Mariah asks, where does she draw the line? She had a hang nail last week. Should we do a 2 part series on it? LOL. Hilary looked ticked and says thanks for nothing. Net time, she wants a favor, the answer is no.. Mariah asks, what is the problem, she is trying to make a point? Hilary retorts, In the most insulting way possible. Mariah argues, not on purpose. She thought they were getting along. Mariah put up with her, because she had to. Devon hired her, she never asked for a cohost. Ouch. So rude. But she finally being honest. Mariah will read it on air. She was trying to protect her privacy, but guesses she doesnít care about that. Hilary says she is about to be free. She can finally be herself again and that is a good thing. She has been bogged down trying to save a marriage. She is very excited about what comes next in her life. Devon replies, he and Hilary agree, this is what has to be. Hilary goes onward and upward. Devon doesnít know what the future holds, itís unnerving ďTrust me are done. We see a split screen of Devon and Hilary stating those words together. Do you believe that they are?

Victoria asks how did go negotiating with Mr. Sato. Cane says things got a little dicey and tough, Juliette steered things back on track. Victoria thanks her, jog well done. Juliette thanks her for the opportunity, been gratify. Cane tells her to expect to see her name on the Asia trades tomorrow, Victoria says even more reason to celebrate. Just watch the time change on the way back. Itís a killer. Billy leans in behind Victoria to joke that he can stay as long, long time, they donít minds Cane doesnít miss. Itís them signing off. Video chat over Victoria aks how long was he listening. Cane is doing exceptional work. Billy updates a busy Victoria that Lilyís a big hit with the crowd at the wedding expo.

In Tokyo, Cane says it is time to cut loose. Juliette is way ahead of him. He comments on her change out of business attire and is pleased to hear that sheís hired a private car to take him on a tour of the city. With the driver already downstairs, Cane decides heíll call Lily later. Couldn't he called in her car??

Ever so busy, Victoria can cross lavender off her list and move on to sourcing tea tree oil and Shea butter. Billy makes a sarcastic comment about cane. She tells him to stop trashing Cane, he has done everything she has asked him to do. Juliette isnít on staff and doesnít have the experience that Cane has. He notes that she is frazzled. She doesnít blame Caneís absence for that. Billy should get going to his meeting and wants her to take a minute and clear her head. Victoria is going later to the wedding fair. And is fine. She gets a call from the school about Johnnyís school trip permission slip. Having overheard, Billy exits 30 seconds before a panicked Victoria grabs her purse.

Cane and Juliette stare out of the window of the car as they tour a busy Tokyo nightlife.

Back in the suite, Jordan talks about the energy down there. He noes big change from running this place. Lily says meeting with shelf and booking charity functions infront of her adoring fans. Jordan notes, it must be so hard to concentrate. Lily agree, it was. But kept her hand in there, signing vendor, pay roll contracts, etc. She loved running the club, but now realized how much she missed modelling. He praises,what she was born to do. I was surprised to see Victoria. I thought she was going to get the Johnny's permission slips. Once again, work is more important than her kids(groans) Jordan and Lily praise one another, Victoria is going downstairs and check things out. Jordan says no one is turning down any samples. Lily checks her phone, she hasnít heard from Cane yet. She knows he is busy and time difference doesnít help things. Victoria informs his meetings have been done for a while, and Lily is surprised. Victoria tells her, she can call him. Jordan left his camera bag in the ballroom, be right back. Victoria congrats her and they exit. Lilyís deep in thought. She flashbacks to her and Cane discussing his international job assignment Just then the "lost guy" knocks at her door. He was hoping to get a selfie with her. She tells him this is a private area. The public space is in a ballroom. He knows where it is. He didnít like the crowds he couldnít get close to her.

A very nervous Lily engages the lost guy in conversation about the booths. He says his fiancť talked him into going. He recognizes her from her days Modeling for Jabot. She says yes, she is with Brass and Sassy now. He noticed. She wants to meet his fiancť. He claims they got separate downstairs. She suggests he text her. He retorts, it is about cakes and gowns. He is enjoying himself. Heather would probably go ballistic ďif she caught me with a babe like youĒ She offers to sign his flyer, but he wants a selfie. She doesnít smile it. He wants one. Lily forces a smile as he takes it. Jordan returns to say that heís more than just Lilyís photographer. Creepy stalker guy asks, "You two ?ď Jordan asks, if that is a problem as he put his arm around Lily. He points out, this is a restricted area. Thanks for the photo, sorry to intrude, lost guy scurries out, leaving poor Lily shaking, and clinging to Jordan. She is relieved he came when he did. Me too. I was getting scared for her.

Juliette and Cane are back at the original restaurant/bar to have shots of sake. Cane says that a good idea, since the boss is paying for this evening Cane thanks her for being an excellent tour guide, The city seems more vivid than it is the movies. She says Tokyo is a special place and delighted to show it to him. Cane wants to relax. Letís have some more drinks, then dinner He is game for anything. She brags, that this hotel has a good sushi bar in the city. He says, even better. If it wasnít for her, this trip would be a disaster. She rescued him and the deal He will never forget that. Thanks. She was just doing her job. He doesnít believe that. She is a lifesaver. She smiles, mysteriously, "Perhaps, and now you can be one for me now too!" Hmm, sounds like she has an agenda to me. What do you think?

At the club, Devon is surprised to see Mariah. She tells him, they are doing a segment on wedding events. She is a little afraid to go down there He jokes her at a wedding expo. Not really. She jokes she will get swallowed by flower arrangements and brides maids dresses. He points out she is here, trying to fix her fears? She wants to check out the footage they have, to see if they spur any ideas for stories. She states, Hilary said it was official, they are splitting. He confirms yes. And asks, how was she this morning. Mariah retorts, in rare form. He asks, good or bad? She quips, guess. He is sorry. She says so much for them being more cordial. He will talk to her. She can handle it. She shouldnít have mentioned it. Because she doesnít want to be one of those people that go running to the boss, everything there is a issue. He says, she isnít one of them but doesnít respect that. Mariahís not exactly excited about having to check out the wedding Expo. If she does need backup, she will keep that in mind. it a snag. She thinks since they hashed things out, they can move on. Devon thought so too, until he got a message from Michael. They may have hit a snag.

Michael shows up at GC Buzz Hilary guesses, he should expected him to show up He quips, like ta bad penny. She guesses her to deliver her copy of the signed divorce papers. He says correct. She quips, must be disappointing, all those billable hours coming to an end. He quips, he has more cases than he can handle. It will be nice to put this one to bed She says if he says so He is glad that arrived with a decision, they can live with. She goes, sometimes the dream just dies. At least now it is over. He replies, not quite. But thereís still the matter of a settlement she wants to put that on hold. Michael states, The Judge wonít sign off on the final degree until all the financial arrangements are worked out. "You tore up a huge check to prove to Devon that you didnít want his money, this is where the rubber meets the road.Ē Hilary calls him a smart man wonít insult him to pretend it wasnít a ploy. He notes that will save time. Frankly, sheís relieved she doesnít have to keep up the act. anymore. Michael figured out Hilary was stalling, hoping Devon would change his mind. She noted that it seemed to be working. They did this little dance, but the music stopped He asks, her, how much does she want? She gasps, clever. Name her price and when his client agrees. She will always wonder if she could have gotten more. Or he could hear her terms. Shut that door and never give her a cent. Hilary disagrees, she knows Devon. Not possible. Michael has done hundred of these negotiation. You can never be sure what will happen. When a marriage dissolves, people seemed to know each other Seem clueless about what their spouse really wants. She asks, "Are you calling me clueless Michael?" He isnít. That the process isnít a cut and dry as she thinks. Something always comes up. She will keep that in mind. His goal is to protect Devonís assets, but he is realistic. Meaning once this divorce is final, she needs to stand on her own two feet. If she canít she will come after his money, another way. Hilary sarcastically, how sweet of him to say. Michael says only she knows what it takes to be self sufficient. She notes, like he says, always something comes up. She orders him to to get Devon down here, so they can can wrap this up before lunch.

Now at the AC bar, Mariah says it make sense to get the money thing worked out before they go to court. Devon replies, if Michael says they donít, it could turn into a full blown trial. Mariah thinks that sounds involved. He says it can get ugly, because a hearing is a formality. ďEverything you wanted to know about Divorce but afraid to ask!Ē she quips. Devon sighs, that Hilary wants it over as much as he does.She states that is exactly why she will never get married. The wedding industrialists complex wants you to believe it is all about love, passion and devotion. When it all boils down to it, it is all about dollar and cents. Devon jokes what stirring hope to romance. She wants to write a book, maybe not LOL. Devon says his heart is broken and he isnít giving up. He hopes she get over being a cynic. And give love a chance one day. Devon states, being in love is the best thing in the world. Then heen gets a text from Michael summoning him to GC Buzz to meet with Hilary. Doesnít Michael have a office to meet in? I guess not LOL She notes, "I guess you are about to find out what the price of love really is?"

Cane canít believe how smooth this Sake is going down his throat, so easy. Juliette points out he is supposed to savor it. He claim, he was Now, what help does she need? How can he make it better. Juliette wants to go from independent freelancer to division manager for Asian. Can Cane handle that He jokes, in his sleep. She laughs, she will take it. He will have to check with Victoria, she is the big boss. She makes all the decisions. But does think, she will trust his recommendations as he downs another one. He hears karaoke and wants to go. Standing up too quickly, a dizzy Caneís back in his seat , for another shot.

Rushing to her place, Victoria is surprised to find Billyí. He says, caught in the act. He overheard her conservation with Johnnyís teacher needing the permission slip. He stopped on his way to the meeting and sent it for her. He was about to call her and didnít need to rush back. She hugs him, "Thanks, you have no idea how much this means to me"

ĎArigatoí, Cane slurs as he cleans the table for the waiter. Juliette asks if he is right. A wasted Cane claims he isnít drunk. He is Australian not even close to being drunk. She wants dinner. He passes on that she heard what the big boss lady said, He is here to party. He isnít hungry, his stomach is upset. She wants something to eat, some sushi. Cane states, more drinks Ė then tushi...sushi. He laughs. He wants more Sake. Leaving the table, Cane grabs Julietteís hand and leaves his phone behind.

Jordan gives Lily a mug of tea as Jordan offers to call security on that guy. She says no, she would have if she had felt threatened. He thinks she seemed pretty shaken up to him. Lily notes he is a fan. He notes he broke boundaries. They discuss the downside of fame. Lily thinks, he had no idea how uncomfortable he was making her. She tells, Jordan she didnít get the guyís name. He tells her, it doesnít matter. Nobodyís going to get to her. She wishes it was Cane here. He has this way of reassuring her. It is more special when it comes from her assurance. In a bar in Tokyo, Caneís cell rings. She needs to put find a friend on her phone, to track where Cane is.

Victoria notes, it doesnít take much to make her happy these days. Billy is still glad that he can. She feels like she is a on treadmill and struggling to keep up and she canít. Something is always suffering(her kids). And he saw her under pressure and he stepped up. It got to her and she thanks him. Billy points out, she needs to give herself a break. Not only is she managing a house with 3 kids. She has bought a corporation that she is trying to build worldwide, that is a lot of pressure. Victoria says he left a few things off He said, that he did it on purpose. Things are going to level out. Victoria says maybe. She canít even keep track of stupid permission slips, so her son can learn to make jelly beans. Billy suggests she hire some more help. She states, that is not a solution. She needs to be the responsible one. Billy points out, it is a joint responsibility thing. He isJohnnyís and Katieís parent too. If she feels she canít come to him, thatís a problem. She knows that he canít be here 24/7. He can pick up Katie at ballet class and take reed to his music class She isnít used to it. Why doesnít she make him her senior VP that nothing falls through the cracks. Or he can be a stay at home Dad a few days a week and help out with reed. If she doesnít mind. It is a serious offer. He knows that Brass and Sassy means everything to her. Think of what she could accomplish at B&S, if she could just breathe a little bit. She takes Billyís hand , ďHow is it that you can still surprise me after all these years?Ē He asks, if they have a plan? Victoria says it is an interesting offer. But he guesses that she is going to turn him down. She needs him at work itís too busy. Beside he will get bored at home. Taking care of their kids??? Nice, ugh! She shouldnít be relaxing. He wouldnít say that it what it was. She orders him to go the meeting and see him back Billy smiles as he leaves her place

At GC Buzz, Hilary wishes they didnít have to do it today Last night was the goodbye that they both needed. And to talk dollars and cents. She knows it is necessary to do this. Devon wants to hear her proposal. She wants to make it as painless as possible "There is only one thing, I want from you, Devon. This show, full ownership. Take it or leave it."

More shots under his belt, a drunk Caneís now ready for karaoke. Juliette again steadies him, she tells him, "easy tiger." She tells him no rush, letís go downstairs and get something in their stomach. He blames the time difference and doesnít feel like having dinner. Cane is going to go lay down upstairs. Juliette puts her arm around him, grabs his phone and takes him to the elevator.

Unable to reach Cane, Jordan offers to take Lily home. She passes and she has her car here. She is missing Cane and not used to going to so long from taking to him. She wants to be alone and exits. Lily wants to be alone. In the hallway, stalker fan guy watches and follows Creepy. Lily should have had Jordan take her home. Nothing but trouble as we can see by the preview for Lily and for Cane.
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments. Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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