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Risky Business Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 21-Mar-2017 1:43:11 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Cane plays with fire; Lily worries about Jordan's interest in Hilary; Nick and Chelsea's romantic evening is interrupted.

Jack and Gloria are arguing about Hilary. Glo says she's become quite an asset. Bleah on this couple if that's what they are! This mess seems plot driven rather than character driven since I don't see Jack hooking up with his stepmother especially in view of past history. Bad pairing #1.

Cane opens his luggage and finds lingerie from Juliet. I'm guessing she planted it. Billy and Jordan are discussing Lily's stalker and wondering how Cane reacted. Jordan said he didn't think Cane knew yet. Lily arrives home and Cane hides the clothes. Cane says no time for fooling around as he has to be at work but asks her to meet for dinner. Cane calls Juliet and wonders how her lingerie got in his bag. She claims she was drunk and stayed over and left the camisole. She wonders if Cane has had a chance to ask Victoria for a promotion for her.

Chloe and Chelsea are talking and Chelsea realizes she is late for her date with Nick. He calls and says he'll be over and she tells him to bring food. Bad pairing #2. Chloe is going to leave but Chelsea says to say and they discuss Chloe's possible wedding to Kevin. then goes up to change and Chloe leaves and runs into Nick on the way out. Chloe tells him she thinks Chelsea can't get over Adam quick enough.

Scott and Kevin meet for drinks. Scott's driver still hasn't been located but Kevin thinks if anyone could find him, it's Victor. They also discuss Chloe and Kevin and Chloe's marriages. Bad pairing #3. Chloe joins them. She wants to dance and when Kevin begs off, she dances with Scott. She likes his dancing and talks about taking charge of her life six months ago.

Gloria discusses overhearing/eavesdropping on Jack and Ashley and wants to know what's up with Billy. She wants in.

Billy and Vic are discussing the hockey deal and Vic tells him about "Clarissa" and the sexual harassment suit at Jabot. Billy doesn't know Clarissa but offers to check it out. Vic says they have footage but they get interrupted before they can watch.

Cane and Lily enter Brash and Sassy and Lily and Jordan leave for a photo shoot. Cane tries to talk to Vic about the position Juliet wanted but Vic says they can meet later. Cane disposes the undies when the office is empty. She and Billy are working on a presentation. Jordan and Lily are discussing their love lives when Jordan gets a text from Hilary. Lily tries warning them off but he thinks he can handle it himself.

Lily and Cane are at dinner and Lily is quite happy that Colin has moved out. Apparently he and Jill are off to see the world. So are they both written out for now? A loud noise scares Lily who's still unsettled about the stalker. Cane is sorry he wasn't there. He's interrupted by another call from Juliet.

Michael arrives and gives Nick a check for Sage from Constance's estate. He hands it over to Chelsea. They talk about fate.

Vic and Billy watch the Clarissa tape and instantly recognize Gloria's voice...surprisingly they don't instantly figure out her supposed harasser until she reveals who it is-Jack.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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