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All roads lead to the Underground or Brash and Sassy Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 22-Mar-2017 4:12:15 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Victoria confronts Jack; Gloria plots her next move; Chloe slips up.

The first part of the show had a news break about the London attack. Very sorry about the senseless loss of life and injuries and my thoughts are with the English people.

We pick up with Nick and Chelsea discussing their losses and Nick thinks they should get out and have drinks. Chelsea isn't up to it and Nick signs over the money from Constance to her. This doesn't make sense to me. Most of the money went to charity and Sage only got a small portion-which I thought she already got. Also, the money should have been set aside for Christian-Sage's son if anyone. Adam was not Gabriel Bingham so I don't see that Constance had any connection to him except that he was part of Sage's scheme to defraud her. Anyway, Chelsea of course changes her mind and Nick and she head to the Underground.

Chloe and Scott are dancing and she's discussing turning her life around. She goes to the restroom and Scott tells Kevin she's a firecracker. Kevin says she's turned her life around.

Gloria shows Jack all the domain names she's purchased for Jabot. Jack is impressed with her. She says for him to keep working for the hockey deal.

Billy and Vic discuss the Gloria-Jack situation. Billy has a hard time believing Jack would go after Gloria-he can't stand her. Vic says harassment is about power. Billy wants to use the info-Vic says he's thinking too small.

Mariah are out at dinner and she's says it's too fancy for her...not the way she grew up. Devon knows what she means. They decide to head to the Underground. Meanwhile, Jordan and Hilary are discussing going out to where else....the UG.

Nick and Chelsea arrive and talk to Kevin and Scott. Chloe comes in clearly smashed and says Chelsea is also a survivor and how she lost her husband. Kevin decides it's time to take Chloe home and Scott walks them out. They run into Devon and Mariah and Mariah tells Scott how much she enjoyed his refugee story. Jordan and Hil observe them from across the room.

Billy comes into Jack's office where Gloria is camped out. He says Vic is mad and is going to get even. Jack doesn't believe him until Clarissa is mentioned. He follows Billy out.

Chelsea somewhat regrets coming after Chloe's performance. She wants to go by herself but Nick wants to take her. She leaves solo and Scott comes over to talk to Nick. They talk about Adam's death and how it's hard to get closure when you don't know the details. They talk about Chloe and Scott mentions something that happened to her six months before.

Hilary is bragging about herself and tells Jordan she asked for the GC Buzz in her divorce settlement. In the meantime, Mariah spots them and Devon asks if she wants to leave.

Chelsea returns home and looks at Adam's picture. She remembers leaving with Connor to meet Adam and packing the dinosaur. She picks it up.

Jack and Gloria end up in Vic's office. She tells him she'll release it free and talks about his sleazy dealings. She wants him to tell the hockey guy that he's bowing out of the purchase and that he may have overstated his issues with Brash and Sassy. He does it and she demands an apology for Billy which he provides. After Jack and Gloria leave, Billy thanks Vic for defending him.

Chloe has a dream about the cabin blowing up and wakes up freaked out. Kevin tries to soothe her.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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