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TGIF, "I want to ask you something too, Chloe!" Free For All Post.

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Date: Fri, 24-Mar-2017 3:33:23 PM PDT
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Because you havenít been honest with me. Chelsea.

Way to go, Chelsea, play your cards all at once. Idiot! We all know that Chloe will lie about the tracking device. She probably put the blame on Adam Then Chelsea will continue to clueless about her so called "best friend". However, I am glad that Nick isn't. Like us, he can see that Chloe is obsessed about Chelsea and Adam. And I am sure that he will be the one to figure out that Chloe killed Adam, six months ago. But he needs to find the proof. Get Paul on the case, he has been MIA far too long. When do you think the truth will come out? How about during Kevin/Chloe's wedding?
What did you think of Reed's new music teacher, Tessa?

Are you glad that Neil and Devon are planning to build their own company? Was it a big mistake for Devon to give Hilary, GC Buzz as part of their divorce settlement?

Friday recap [link]
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!

See you on Monday! Have a great weekend!


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