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"I'll Check and See if the Ink's Dry" Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 28-Mar-2017 8:47:09 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Kevin's announcement troubles Gloria; Devon pursues Mariah; Nick uncovers damaging information.

Kevin and Chloe are joined with their mothers and announce their wedding plans. Esther is very excited and wants Chloe to have the wedding of a princess; Gloria not so much. She later tries to enlist Mariah to talk Kevin out of it. Mariah wisely refuses to get involved, she and Kevin didn't work out as a couple and now she wishes him what makes him happy. The same could be said for Kevin-Chloe...they were fun as friends but a bust as a couple and yet here they are again. Personal opinion but I tend not to like unbalanced couples where one is good and one is bad or when one is really committed and the other is barely interested. I liked Kevin with Jana and get annoyed when they keep saying Chloe is the love of his life since it seems like she isn't that interested. I hated Sharon with Adam because there was just too much baggage...stealing Faith and letting her think she died and giving her to Ashley. But I like Adam and Chelsea. But enough of my opinions....

Hilary is writing a statement about the new direction of GC Buzz. She envisions herself as a volcano of charisma who will have people from New York and LA tuning in. PLEASE! She's about as riveting as a cattle auction. Mariah tries to talk some sense into her and she puts Mariah down and tells her to try and please her new boss. I hope Mariah gets a new job or Hilary rides her "star power" out of town. Mariah doesn't need Hilary's attitude.

Devon and Jordan run into each other in the park and have a conversation about Hilary. Devon doesn't think she's ready to jump into anything and Jordan points out that he's seeing Mariah. Devon says they've been friends for a long time. Jordan leaves-Hilary has booked him to shoot glamour shots of herself.

Nick and Chelsea are discussing Chloe. Chelsea recalls Chloe telling her how she got over wanting to hurt Adam. A call comes in for Nick. He requested phone records after finding out the tracker was connected to a phone app. The records prove Chloe left the penthouse that night. Chelsea and Nick argue. Chelsea doesn't want to believe Chloe was involved.

After Chloe overhears Gloria making her case against Kevin marrying her, she tells Gloria she'll not hurt Kevin again. She later tells Kevin she won't let anyone come between them.

Hilary gives everyone the night off so that she can have her photo shoot. Gloria bursts in to thank her for not running the Clarissa tape. She wants it destroyed which Hilary says she'll do for Jack not for her. Wish Gloria had interrupted her photo shoot and frolicking with Jordan. When Jordan starts taking pictures, he feels she's kind of restrained and tries to encourage her. It works and he gets better pics and they end up kissing.

Mariah runs into Kevin at Crimson Lights and congratulates him. He says she's on the guest list and she asks if she can be a plus one. Kevin is excited that she is seeing someone and then Devon comes in and he's happy about that. They talk privately and decide to date and Mariah wants to stay friends if they don't work out and Devon agrees.

Scott meets with Victor. He asks if Adam's death is the reason he wants to write the book. Victor says that's part of it but he also will do anything to protect his family. Scott wants the truth and Victor agrees.

Chloe is in the park planning to dispose of her stun gun and Victor comes in. He says she's a little monster. She says because he got her out of the hospital, she has everything she wants.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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