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Open Mic/Open Camera Night Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 29-Mar-2017 4:13:38 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Hilary walks on the wild side with Jordan; Chelsea defends Chloe; Victor questions Nikki's judgment.

Nick continues to suspect Chloe while Chelsea refuses to believe she had anything to do with Adam's death. Nick agrees not to go to the police.

Chelsea and Victor continue arguing in the park. Chloe says she knows his secrets too. He smirks as she leaves. He goes home and Nikki tells him about meeting Tessa and he's surprised she brought a stranger into their home.

At Crimson Lights Tessa and Reed are talking about music. Reed wants her to perform at open mic night.

Elsewhere, Scott and Sharon are talking. She got a A- on her paper which she thinks is due to his help. He gives her a pep talk and she offers him some coffee and ask about his driver. Turns out he has been found and is back with his family. He says he has a job locally-working for Victor Newman. Sharon spills coffee on the counter.

Chloe wants to move up the wedding-tonight. Kevin says it's impossible. She offers to go to Las Vegas. He wants her to have the wedding of her dreams. She thinks Gloria got to him. He said Gloria had nothing to do with anything. She thinks people think she's crazy. He says she's had therapy.

Reed introduces Tessa to Noah. He tells her there's room for her on the schedule if she wants to perform. Devon and Mariah come in and are introduced. Mariah starts blurting stuff out about Devon being a billionaire and owning buildings etc. She and Noah leave the group and he wonders what's going on. She says she and Devon have just started dating and he's happy for her.

Victor asks Nikki if she thinks he's honest. She says he's been known to keep secrets and it can upset others and his family. He tells her he wants the rest of the world to know the truth and Scott will be writing with him.

Reed has put Tessa at the top of the performer list and she sings and gets a good reception. As Mariah and Devon watch, he tells her he use to produce and is thinking of a new label. He would like to sign Tessa.

After sex in the studio, Hilary and Jordan are basking when he announces he wants to capture the moment by taking photos. Hilary drops her wrap so he can get nude shots. Hilary asks for the memory card and eyes it after he leaves. So is she going to leak her own nude photos?

Devon and Mariah come into Crimson Lights and Sharon learns they're on their first date. After Devon leaves to take a call, Sharon urges Mariah to take it slow. Mariah says she won't get her heart broken again and won't be a rebound.

Chelsea wants Nick to drop investigating Chloe. He says he won't go to the police but is looking at the tracking device when he gets into the hallway.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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