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SOD Weekly Previews spoiler

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Date: Fri, 31-Mar-2017 8:24:14 PM PDT
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For the week of April 3rd

Ashley is irked when GC Buzz insinuates she's dating Ravi

Ravi gets anxious but Ashley reassures him that it's ok to be assumed to be dating a younger man

Ravi gets his hopes up again

Phyllis offers to help his quest

Cane eventually recalls sex with Juliet and worries she's going to blackmail him

Juliet denies nefarious intent

Meanwhile, Victoria gives Juliet a different job, working w/ Lily

Cane worries some more

Paul, Scott, and Michael play cards with Kevin at Michael's flat (bachelor party stuff)

Chloe, Bella and Esther are pictured getting ready for the wedding

M - Chelsea and Nick become estranged

T - Gloria looks for a way to free Kevin from Chloe, Sharon finds herself between a rock and a hard place

W - Scott starts his research

Th - Gloria gets told off, Chelsea gets a life altering shock

F - Nick finds something that blows his mind

next week:

Nick's mind is still blown

Nikki takes the wheel

Hilary makes a new beginning

Lauren tries to set up a date for ...?

Chloe plays her card

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