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Get Me to the Church on Time Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 04-Apr-2017 1:47:05 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Sharon's loyalty is tested; Phyllis offers someone a helping hand; Gloria schemes to get rid of Chloe.

We open at the Underground where Sharon and Nick are meeting. Nick asks Sharon for a favor. He plans to get a confession from Chloe at her bachelorette party which he is hosting at the UG. He needs Sharon's help. Sharon is reluctant but Nick shows her the evidence he found that Chloe threw in the dumpster and plays the Adam card.

Phyllis walks in on Gloria fuming about the wedding being moved up. She figures out there is a bachelorette party for Gloria.

Chelsea has a limo for the women to go to the bachelor party in. They arrive as Sharon is still talking to Nick. Sharon pours Chloe a drink and another and another. Nick is watching and nods in approval.

The men are busy at their bachelor party: Michael, Scott, Kevin and Paul. They are playing cards. Mariah joins them with beer. Paul pulls Michael aside and says that Nick wants to reopen Adam's death findings. Gloria arrives at the party and kills the mood. Kevin settles her down or so it appears until she pulls Mariah aside and asks her to seduce Kevin. Was hoping to see more Scott-Mariah interaction.

Abby and Ashley are meeting at the AC. Abby shows her an online photo of Ashley and Ravi at the opera. Phyllis and Ravi are discussing Ashley and Phyllis wonders why he doesn't dress like he did for the opera at work. She offers to help him update his appearance. Yuck! I thought the headwriter was going in the direction of Ash mentoring Ravi.

As Chloe continues to get drunk, Sharon leads her to the backroom so he can rest up. She leaves as Nick enters. He shows her a tranquilizer gun and it doesn't draw any response. He tells her about getting caught in the bear trap and how Sage found him and Adam rescued him. He said Chelsea deserves the truth. Chelsea walks in and wants to know what's going on. Nick says to Chloe "Do you want to tell or should I?" Chloe is asleep.

Ravi is parading through the office in various outfits. Phyllis finally selects a nice suit and also tells him to lose the glasses. In the meantime Abby thinks Ashley should start seeing Ravi.

Chelsea asks Nick about Chloe and he says he was going to take her home and Chelsea says she will. Chloe opens her eyes. Chelsea says tomorrow will be the happiest day of her life.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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