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Date: Fri, 07-Apr-2017 9:35:25 PM PDT
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For the Week of April 10th

Scott thinks his mom is trying to hook him up with her buddy, so it's awkward when Phyllis shows up

Nevertheless, a round or two of booze loosens things up a bit... a smooch ensues

Kevin has trouble accepting the truth, and worries about Chloe

Nick uses the device he put on Chloe's car to follow her to a remote air strip - where he sees her meet up with his father

Nick tries to get closer so he can see what they're saying

Chelsea goes to GC Buzz to spill the truth about Chloe on the air

It seems Nikki is displeased to find out that Victor and Chloe were working together

Reed shows off a big present to Zoey - it seems someone bought Reed a car

Hilary shows a promotional poster of herself to Jordan

T - a secret admirer digs Reed, Jack wags his finger at Ashley about Ravi again

W - Nikki warns Nick and Victoria of trouble ahead

Th - Hilary takes the wheel at the Buzz

F - Victoria crosses a line for Billy, ticking him off


next week:

Billy tells a truth

Reed's secret admirer keeps on admiring

Phyllis confronts reality

Cane wonders if Juliet can be trusted

Ashley heads to NYC to see Traci

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