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The King is Dethroned? Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 12-Apr-2017 4:08:47 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: The Newman family makes a dangerous pact; Lauren plays matchmaker for Phyllis; Gloria wonders about Kevin.

Chelsea appears on GC Buzz and appeals to Chloe to come home and think about her family as Victor watches. There is a knock on the door and Chelsea enters. Victor wonders if Chloe ever said anything about why she came to town. He also says it freaks him out that she could have hurt her or Connor. Rather odd that Chelsea has never recalled Adam's suspicions that Chloe was working with Victor. Chelsea thanks Victor for trying to help Adam, Connor and her to escape.

Billy and Vic are discussing Reed's birthday party. She asks him to take Reed to get his driver's license. She is going to be with her mother but will be back for Reed's party. Nick and Nikki are discussing Chloe and Nick says he hasn't told Chelsea yet about Victor's involvement.

Phyllis arrives to see Lauren. She wants her to date and enjoy her summer. Phyllis says she's a treasure and the longer she stays buried, the more valuable she'll be. Please! The treasure's contents could also mold but that doesn't come up. Lauren gets around to discussing Scott as a date for Phyllis and Phyllis isn't having it and leaves. Has Lauren lost her mind? Can't imagine a mother wanting her son with Phyllis.

Jack and Gloria are discussing Chloe killing Adam. Jack is upset and Gloria says Chloe is damaged and her son is hurting but Victor has lost his son. Jack says not to waste her sympathy on Victor-he feels nothing. Gloria feels pain about not being able to help Kevin. Jack embraces her as Phyllis walks in and sees them. She tells them not to stop on her account. Jack says they're both single and not hurting anyone. Later Phyllis confronts Jack and he tells her he was having fun-something she should try.

Vic joins Nikki and Nick. She talks about her own small involvement in Victor's dealings-giving Chelsea the untraceable cell phone. She says Victor will not get away with it but she doesn't want him turned into the police because it will hurt all them. She reminds them that they all helped him get out of prison and they'll be blamed too. She asks them to promise and they agree-Nick somewhat reluctantly. They won't tell anyone including Abby.

Reed arrives to get his driver's license and gets a no nonsense DMV tester-he grimaces but passes. Vic joins Billy and Reid. She is distracted but ready for Reed's party.

Nikki talks to Victor and says she's done with forgiveness. His reign as king of the Newman family is over.

How long before Nikki changes her mind and all is forgiven?

What do you think of Lauren trying to foist Phyllis on Scott? Child abuse?

Jack and Gloria scenes? Jack and Phyllis?

Comments greatly appreciated.

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