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See You in Court Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 26-Apr-2017 6:33:44 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Phyllis makes a confession to Jack; Devon and Hilary face the end of their marriage; Mariah stands her ground.

Phyllis and Billy wake up and get ready for work. They say this time will be different-no sneaking around. They plan to tell their exes.

Cane, Juliet and Vic are looking at projections which look good. Cane says they should move on them but Vic wants to wait for Billy.

Neil and Devon meet for breakfast. Devon wants his marriage over before Hilary plans to involve herself. Hilary walks by and tells them "See you in court!" Outside the court, Devon tells Neil it seemed so quick. Hilary comes out and says she's happy she'll be launching the Hilary Hour that day. Dylan helps her find her keys and they touch briefly. He removes his ring and hers is still on.

Mariah meets with a producer at GC Buzz and he tells her Hilary's new plans for the show. Apparently a lot of people have quit recently.

Billy and Phyllis arrive at work at the same time in separate cars and run into Jack. Phyllis later talks to Jack and tells him to let go of his anger at Billy-it's hurting his health. He says he'll never forgive Billy.

When Billy arrives, Vic praises his work with the hockey league. She wonders if she embarrassed him and he said it's always good to get compliments. He later tells Vic about Chloe and the paternity test.

Hilary arrives at work and starts throwing her weight around. Mariah tells her she thinks she's the lifestyle maven. The show starts and Mariah snarks at Hilary. Hilary announces her divorce on air and says she's the one responsible. She says she won't hold on to bitterness. She takes off her rings. After the show, Mariah praises Hilary. Devon is watching and also thinks she did a great job. Hilary joins Jordan but still watches Mariah and Devon and he watches her. He tells Mariah he didn't tell her about today being divorce day since he considered the marriage over some time ago.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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