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SOD Weekly Previews spoiler

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Date: Sat, 29-Apr-2017 7:20:36 AM PDT
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For the week of May 1st

Jack sticks up for Gloria, Ashley buys a clue

Ashley realizes how funny it is Jack's been ranting about Ravi when he's been getting freaky with Gloria

Cane hides rather than reveal he saw Billy and Phyllis kissing

Cane realizes Phyllis is jealous of Victoria... and that he's got something he can use against Billy

Cane decides to wait to use it, but can't resist asking Billy to toast Victoria

Devon, Neil, and Dina take a trip on an airplane

Ravi has a bouquet for Ashley

T - Victor hides his trail

W - Devon and Neil bet big

Th - Jack gets a new plotting buddy, Abby asks about grandma

F - Chelsea encounters a familiar face, Devon and Mariah get busy

next week -

Chelsea keeps looking for Chloe

Kevin surprises Chelsea with big news

Victor relies on Scott

Phyllis baits Victoria

Meanwhile, SID contributes that Jack and Ashley blame Dina for their emotional issues and failure to communicate... then they hear Dina's cosmetics company is vulnerable to take over. Sadly... no $$$ for that kind of silliness at Jabot. And then... Dina arrives in GC.

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