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"You Never Learn" Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 02-May-2017 3:39:18 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Victor searches for Chloe; Kevin makes a confession; Victoria finds out about Billy and Phyllis.

Victoria visits Victor in his office and hopes he got the key to Reed's car back. He says he intends to give them back again. She tells him not to interfere. They talk about Adam.

Phyllis storms into Crimson Lights where she encounters Scott. She is upset about her love life and asks for his advise. She wants to know about whether he's observed any re-occurrence of Nikki's MS. He hasn't. Michael joins them looking for Kevin. Scott leaves. Phyllis shares her woes with Michael. Michael says she ought to talk to Billy before going off the deep end.

Ashley and Jack finish breakfast and she makes a crack about Gloria. Jack tells her he went out to the ranch the night before to see Nikki while Victor was out of town. Ashley tells him he never learns. They discuss their mother and abandonment issues.

Neil and Devon discuss Mergeron and Neil relates the Abbott kids are estranged from Dina. Neil says that Victor would be all over it if he knew the company was on the market. They're going to Paris to meet with Dina.

Ashley meets Ravi and they discuss her mother-she says she hates her. In the meantime, Jack learns of Dena's company being on the market.

Scott visits Victor and asks if he still wants the book in view of Nikki trying to talk him out of it.

Kevin joins Michael and talks about Bella. They discuss how Gloria still doesn't know. Michael tells him to tell her before she hears from someone else. Later Kevin tells her and she says if he's happy, she's happy and she'll do her best for her granddaughter.

Victor recalls catching up with Chloe. She tells him Adam didn't suffer. He gives her money and takes letters to the potential fathers since Chloe has expressed wanting Bella to be raised by her father. This is rather puzzling to me. Hard to believe Victor wouldn't want her locked up or punished in some way.

Phyllis sends Billy a text ordering him to meet her at the elevator. She starts howling at him that Nikki isn't really sick and she will not be the other woman. He tries to kiss her in the elevator and she shoves him off. He locks them in the elevator. In the meantime, Vic leaves the office and finds the elevator stuck. Helpful Cane has followed her and calls maintenance. The door opens and Vic sees Billy and Phyllis kissing. OMG!

Comments greatly appreciated.

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