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Dina Returns Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 03-May-2017 6:59:59 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Ashley remembers her painful past; Neil and Devon seize an opportunity. Marla Adams returns as Abbott matriarch Dina Mergeron.

Victoria and Philly are talking in the hall after she witnessed them on the elevator. Cane is also still there and Lily joins them. Cane suggests they leave them alone and they do. Vic says she's humiliated and Billy says it wasn't his intent. Phyllis jumps in and howls that Vic didn't treat him well enough. Shut up! She should leave and let them talk but instead acts like she's running the show. Billy tells Vic she kept rejecting him and he just ran out of patience. Vic wants to know if he wants Phyllis and not her. He doesn't answer and so Phyllis leaves them alone to talk. I saw him acting conflicted. Do you think he really wants Phyllis?

Jack tells Ashley about their mom selling her company and Ash isn't interested as long as she stays away. Later Gloria comes in and reveals that Kevin is Bella's father. She's worried that she wasn't a good parent and didn't protect her kids and that it may be hard for Kevin too. Jack says if a family unites they can overcome the abandonment of a mother.

Neil and Devon discuss their pitch on the plane. Later Dina joins them on the plane. She's joined by a younger guy-assistant? She asks why they should be the ones to take the prize. Neil talks about his CEO experience and flatters her. She wraps up the interview and it doesn't look promising and then Devon speaks.

Ashley is having a drink and flashes back to learning John is not her biological father. Victor joins her and says she seems far away. Ash tells Victor that Abby was so proud that Victor trusted her. Victor asks about Mergeron. Ashley tells Victor to reach out to her-one mogul to another.

Phyllis goes to work and talks to Lauren. She says she got what she wanted in the worst possible way. They hoped for him to be able to tell her privately. Seriously? She stayed around much too long getting in the way. Lauren wonders about Jack and Phyllis says he'll know soon. Phyllis wonders if the only reason Billy turned to her was because Vic turned him down. Good guess. Lauren tells her if that's who she wants to go for it.

Billy follows Vic into the office. They talk about their timing being off. He says he didn't think she wanted him...she told him she didn't. He couldn't keep doing it. She dismisses him. Billy runs into Cane and Lily on the way out. Lily is sorry-Billy says that's two of them. He tells Cane not to gloat which of course he is. Do you think he's playing with fire here with his own secret?He later stops to see Vic and kisses up.

Meanwhile, Abby and Victor are also discussing the Mergeron sale. Abby has never met her grandmother. Victor says she always wanted to be the center of attention and that John Abbott deserved better and so did her children.

Billy finds Phyllis and says they can be together now.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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