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Thursday, "Billy is going to screw things up sooner or later!" Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 04-May-2017 3:21:05 PM PDT
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If you were clever, you would ensure it would happen sooner rather than later. You would be doing Victoria and the company a big favor Jack

And we end with our newest partners in crime, Jack and Cane, clicking glasses at the bar. Will Cane find a way to get Billy fired at Brass and Sassy? Or could the tables turn, if Billy finds out Cane had a one night stand with Juliet??
Thursday recap here [link]
"I'm done sacrificing my happiness for people who don't want me to be happy" Oh, STHU Billy! Sorry, but he is acting like a victim in this story. I am glad that Jack put him in his place by reminding that he didn't care when he was married to Phyllis. Amen. Billy treats Jack like he is some stranger, not his brother. Grr. Phyllis grated on my nerves, by telling Jack to forgive his brother, or he will never be happy. She can STHU too! What are your thoughts of Phyllis/Billy/Jack/Gloria scenes today?

Did you like how Ashley explained to Abby why her grandmother isn't in her life?

Was Hilary right that Mariah is the "friend zone" with Devon? Or she is just jealous that Devon has moved on? Are you tired of the ladies constantly fighting at GC Buzz?

Do you think that Devon has convinced Dina to sell her company to Neil and him?

BTW, Ravi can come over to my place and give me a shoulder massage, anytime. Ashley was a lucky lady to get one from him.
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moment? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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