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Let the Negotiations Begin Thursday Recap Post.

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Date: Thu, 11-May-2017 6:45:56 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Jack stacks the cards against Billy; Devon is blindsided by Dina; Sharon is ready to move on.

Mariah finds Sharon in the same position at the table as when she left in the morning. Mariah suggests she take a walk and says she would join her except that she has a date to get ready for. Cue to Devon arriving. Sharon talks to Devon about Mariah and how she isn't like Hilary and deserves to be happy. Mariah comes in they start to leave for their date until Devon's phone rings. It is Neil and about the merger...Dina wants more money.

Scott is annoyed at Victor's assignment and tells Lauren. Meanwhile Abby complains to Ashley about the same assignment. Ashley thinks Scott is honorable and says there isn't anything to find or is there? Abby keeps complaining that Scott is condescending. She obviously has a high opinion of herself. Abby and Ashley hug and Abby sees a Mergeron merger on the laptop.

Juliet and Billy are working on a new ad campaign and Billy is excited about it. He leaves and Phyllis comes in looking for him. Juliet says he left to see his kids and Phyllis tries to pretend that she is understanding.

Phyllis arrives at Lauren's and Scott leaves. She says it's about work but it appears she's just interested in unloading about Vic and Billy. Lauren offers advice to believe in what they have and not let outside influences get in the way. Phyllis leaves as Michael arrives home. She says Scott hasn't found a reason to stay. Or has he?

Scott visits Sharon and tells her about his new assignment. Scott helps her study for her test. They end up kissing.

Jack and Vic are talking and Jack puts down Billy. Vic says she knows Phyllis will show her cards. Jack says he thought she was getting closer to Billy. She says they were but family issues came up. When Victoria arrives home, Billy is busy with playing with the kids. She suggests they take the kids on their business trip and plan something with them once business is done. Billy wants to play it by ear. When he leaves, Vic makes reservations.

When Mariah and Devon arrive home, the evening has been pre-empted by problems with the negotiations. Mariah goes with the flow and orders pizza for them. She also suggests they just call Dina about some fine points of the contracts. Abby has the same idea and gets her grandma on the phone. She says she's already in negotiations but Abby mentions Newman interest. Dina wondered how long it would take Victor to come sniffing and says she's not interested.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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