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Dinner and Drinks Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 16-May-2017 7:15:57 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Ashley has a tense reunion with Dina; Gloria has a rude awakening; Phyllis travels to Los Angeles to surprise Billy.

We open at the Abbott home where Dina has managed to get into and greets Ashley. Dina says the housekeeper let her in. Ashley says she can't fly back to Paris soon enough for her. Ashley reminds her how she couldn't come home when John was dying and she leaves after asking to her to give her regards to Traci and Jack.

Gloria and Jack have words about why they haven't been together for awhile. Gloria says it's because everyone knows about them and he's embarrassed. Jack says that's not the case-Gloria says if he'd like to make it up to her, she'd be at the club.

Sharon and Scott run into Christine and Sharon tells her she's volunteering at the crisis phone line. Chris is encouraging and asks to talk to Scott alone. She asks him what's up with Sharon. He says they're friends and it's their business. She mentions Sharon and Dylan just splitting up and wonder if he knows why. He says Sharon says trust issues. She wants him to look at a case she wants him to take involving human trafficking. Seems like Chris could have been less judgmental toward Sharon since she went along with their cover story and took the blame for Dylan leaving.

Hilary does some phone interviews and brags to Jordan about someone saying she was wonderful. Oh please! She's not a major talent and tired of the propping of her "abilities." Jordan wonders if she'll stay in LA. She thinks the city is ready for her.

Phyllis checks in at the hotel the rest of the Brash and Sassy gang is at. She demands a key and says it's her and her husband's anniversary. The clerk says she needs to register. She claims she can prove they're married and produces a card which says "Phyllis Abbott." The clerk says he'll give her his room number and it's up to Billy to let her in.

Dina and her boyfriend show up at the AC where they encounter Gloria. Jack comes in and recognizes her. "Mother?" She embraces him while Gloria almost chokes. She introduces Graham and Jack introduces Gloria. Gloria excuses herself. Dina wants to catch up and Jack asks what about now. She says she's still on Paris time and would like to rest. She'll contact him tomorrow.

Noah and Tessa go out to dinner and she's talking about how fancy the place is. She spies Sharon and Scott also having dinner. Sharon's talking about the hotline. They talk about family and Tessa mentions a younger sister. Scott tells Sharon he's lived a double life at times. He said the reporting was a cover for espionage.

Cane and Lily are going home and drinking wine. They're discussing the commercial and quite happy about it.

Phyllis is lurking around Billy's room which is being cleaned.

In the meantime Billy and Vic are having dinner. They end up outside of Billy's room and she tells him she's booked a trip for them to San Diego with the kids. He seems pleased with that. When he opens the door, Phyllis is in his bed.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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